With changes in legislation and a more informed audience, understanding the latest data and privacy laws is of the utmost importance. Not only does getting this wrong pose a threat to your audience relationships, but there are also hefty fines. Therefore, there are many motivations to ensure you have this under control and baked into your strategy. 

The key to marketing in the modern world is first-party data, the more in control of your own data that you are, the more strength you will have in your strategy. You will also be at less risk from platform rule changes that may impact how your campaigns can run. 

But step 1 has to be about auditing your data, your opt-ins and understanding where the data came from. You need to be confident to make big decisions about either re-engagement or deleting data that does not meet the correct standard. 

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We’ve all heard the phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ and never was this statement truer than when we think about old, unengaged data. We often see a reluctance to delete old records as there is a fear that maybe they might re-engage, but ultimately that data is harming your results. 

We’ll work with your business to put in place a re-engagement campaign allowing us to salvage any data that does have potential but also giving us all clarity on what data needs to go.

After a cleanse, we can look at where data is coming from for new records and audit how this is being collected, ensuring it meets the required standards. This review is a great opportunity to look at adding in new data fields where possible to help tailor future marketing campaigns to the audience. 

Ensuring you have clean, first-party data is crucial for future success, we want to be able to dice and slice the data by key audience attributes to offer the most personalised experience possible for email marketing and future campaigns. 



Once the old data is clean and the new data coming in is optimised for future use, you are in a fantastic position to plan your ongoing CRM strategy. The impact here is all about building customer loyalty and offering value. If you are just spamming people with offers every day you will erode trust and engagement very quickly, but if you can communicate in a valuable way then your relationship with your audience will grow. 

Planning out your regular communications, your welcome journeys, post-purchase journeys, and any other triggered campaigns based on behaviour is the fun part.

Planning these with KPIs and clear reporting is imperative for delivering results. Your email strategy should be a close ally for all channels - considering where data can be captured and how email can help nurture the contact to an enquiry or sale. 

With our understanding of human behaviour, we are really well placed to make this happen. Tying in your personas with your data and your campaign plans is one of our favourite ways to supercharge your marketing efforts. 


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