Migrating your eCommerce website to a new platform can be a daunting task. To help you overcome the fears around migrating your website we’ve pulled together a checklist of everything you need for a stable and reliable migration strategy that retains SEO value and ensures your eCommerce site continues to thrive.


In this quick session, we’ll break down some of the biggest mistakes eCommerce brands make and how to overcome them, including;

  • How to get buy-in when it comes to SEO from your team
  • The importance of planning for SEO in your migration project
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of SEO migrations - including examples
  • Migrating your data from old to new
  • Warming up your loyal customers
  • Does a new platform mean a new design?
  • Leveraging 3rd Party platforms
  • Launch Day - Empty your diary

You’ll also get access to our interactive Shopify migration checklist to ensure your project goes ahead without a hitch.


Fred Cohen - Head of eCommerce at QuickFire Digital 

Becky Simms - CEO and Founder of Reflect Digital 


Quickfire Digital is a fast-growing specialist e-commerce agency working with scale-hungry businesses. We maximise the commercial potential of Shopify Plus through custom development and our tailored QF Commerce programme.

Reflect Digital is a performance marketing agency, specialising in helping global brands and eCommerce businesses leverage human insights and psychological nudges to optimise their marketing strategies. We help these brands unlock their potential and grow revenue through a deeper understanding of their consumers.

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