Canopies are often forgotten or over looked for their importance in both architecture as well as the protection from the weather that they prove. They have also played a role as props in some of the most jaw dropping and iconic scene in cinema and tv.


fictional canopies (600px) (1)

In the harry potter saga, the bridge at Hogwarts prove to be a vital landmark in the school, the canopy over the bridge protected Harry, Ron and Hermione from the elements on their countless journeys to and from Hagrids House, although this bridge was destroyed in the final battle at Hogwarts.

In the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, Kings Landing is one of the most iconic landmark is the lands and as it is the home of the Kings and the psychotic King Joffery. During the purple wedding between Joffery to Margaery Tyrell the guest dine under swaying canopies and while they are served a feast of food, wine and drama.

In the dark crime drama True Detective it is under the hospital canopy that we hear the amazing dialog between Rust and Marty about their recent event. This gripping dialog will capture and amaze  all those who watch it.




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