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Joanna Earle

About Joanna

Hi, I'm Jo and I've recently left the world of broadcast journalism to join the team here at Reflect Digital as PR and Media Manager. Since graduating from University in Leeds I've worked in a number of national and local TV and radio newsrooms up and down the country; be it reporting, news reading, editing or producing. Thanks to the skills and knowledge I've gained in the industry I'm now ready to transfer them into digital marketing here at Reflect Digital and I'm excited to learn from the team here. 

Joanna's Likes & Dislikes


I have to admit I'm a bit of a running addict. I've completed four marathons within the last 10 years and I'm currently training for my fifth! My other passions include walking, yoga, reading and a good coffee (however I'm a massive fan of Yorkshire Tea). I'm also a huge royalist, I love chocolate (Dairy Milk is just fine) Champagne, oh and my trusted black eyeliner!


People eating crisps loudly, people who say anythink rather than anything and anyone who says they are bored!

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