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7 Sins of Email Marketing

  • 02/08/2017
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7 Sins of Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a minefield, there are so many things to consider if you are going to do it well and gain a healthy ROI. In a bid to help declutter our inboxes, I have listed some of the most typical email sins being committed on a daily basis and how these blunders can be avoided to help bring real value to your customers and business. 

1. Too many messages

Keep it simple! Don’t have 3 or 4 different messages in one email. An email is a short, engaging snippet of information that should lead to a click through. Make sure you are not confusing the recipient with different messages.

2. Not using pre-headers

Use them! A pre-header is a short summary of text that follows the subject line.  When an email is viewed in the inbox. Many mobile, desktop and web email clients provide them to tip you off on what the email contains before you open it. If it’s there use it, it’s almost a second chance to grab the recipient’s attention.

3. Wrong audience

Make sure you segment your data so that the email you send to your recipients is relevant and of interest. Too many times people will send the same email to everyone in their database. It’s not about blasting an email out to everyone you can reach. Email marketing is more effective if you segment your data and amend the tone and message to smaller groups of data so that is relevant to them.

4. Wrong time

Sending the email out at the right time is key. You want to hit the recipients at the optimum time to ensure they see it and respond in the way you want. If you have a key email that is likely to generate a lot of revenue use it again! Once the email has been sent, wait for at least 48 hours and segment on all the people who did not open the email and re-send it. This strategy is called ‘re-mailing’.

5. Lack of testing

Creating an email takes time, it needs to render correctly across all devices so make sure you test, test, test!!! Too many times email issues could be rectified if proper testing had been carried out. Don’t be sloppy!

6. Not personalising the email

If you know the name of the recipient then make the email personal! Personalisation is one of the most important factors in a user experience. If you can personalise the content of the email too with product recommendations based on a users purchase history then do it! There have been numorous studies showing that this will increase transaction rates dramatically, by 6X according to a study by Experian.   Here is a good example of how recommendations can work:

7. Same old subject lines

I know it can be hard to come up with an engaging subject line each time you send out an email but test them. Use A/B split tests to test subject lines. You can send 50% of your list one subject line and 50% another. You will soon learn what type of subject line receives the highest open rates. Don’t keep using the same style of subject line. Be creative.


As you can see, there is a lot to consider when it comes to email marketing. When it is done correctly it’s a very successful marketing channel that can be extremely profitable.   If you have any questions around any of the points above, or think you could benefit from a free e-mail audit the get in touch. 

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