On 24th June 2015 we will be holding a Masterclass for law firms titles 'a digital strategy for success'.

This one day masterclass is designed to give an overview of how the firm’s website should be used as a lead generation tool. The day will start by covering strategy and planning, as this is of number one importance before embarking on implementing a marketing campaign. Part of the course will be devoted to how a digital strategy can be aligned to the firm’s business plan and how to make reporting on this simple. The masterclass will also cover the design of the website, as optimising the design for conversions is key to the success of a website. 

The course touches on the basics of SEO, with actionable takeaways that can instantly improve a website’s visibility on the search engines. The class will aim to demystify ‘link building’ and help make this topic clearer so that when engaging in link building or using an agency to do this you will know what to look out for - the good and bad tactics. Keeping an eye on the online competition will be another hot topic, as online competitors can vary greatly from the traditional competitors. 

Benefits of attending and unique selling points: 

-Clear and concise strategy planning tailored to law firms

-How to set digital KPI’s that mean something

-Google Analytics training to make reporting simple

-Takeaways that are simple to implement and you’ll see improvements to the digital strategy

-A clear checklist when engaging agencies to ensure your firm is getting what is required out of a digital marketing agency

-De-mystifying terminology 

If you would be interested in attending call us today on 0844 870 5204.


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