Gamification is rapidly changing the way we interact with the world.

It began with video game obsessions - games through which we'd create idealistic versions of ourselves and tackle challenging situations; games that intrigued, motivated and inspired us to continue onto the next level or even make a purchase...

The marketing industry has since adopted this concept and created an innovative form of digital marketing to capture the attention of existing and potential new clients.

The use and extent of gamification has snowballed over the past few years and is set to be at an all time high by 2019. For those that are unaware of this new trend, gamification is an online marketing technique that has the typical elements of ‘game-play’ to entice the user to engage with the brand or company.

Gamification is everywhere, in particular, Instagram - the King of gamification when it comes to social media. Instagram currently has over 800 million users, which is set to continue increasing over the next year after the introduction of Instagram stories and IGTV.  Instagram stories have been a huge success with around 300 million users taking advantage of Instagram stories daily. It is reported that 33% of users are more interested in a brand after engaging in their Instagram stories.

Many fashion and beauty brands have capitalised on this and frequently create short, fun gamification posts for users to play through Instagram stories. And it doesn’t stop there - brands are also using the marketing technique through competitions and apps to gain new customers, increase their following and build brand awareness.

Retailers can entice the attention of individuals with the offer of prizes, freebies and discounts, with the aim of attracting engagement from existing and potential new customers.  Whether it’s a simple quiz, poll, contest, giveaway or interactive game, gamification is the way forward, especially for the fashion and beauty industry..

Here are a few of our favourite gamification concepts created by some of the most influential highs street fashion and beauty brands:


Oasis - Catch the Critters

This interactive game is fun, playful and pretty – in-keeping with the brand’s iconic and recognisable image. The aim of the game is to swipe and match at least three critters to score points and progress to the next level. The more points earned through the game, the better your chances of winning are. The competition has been a success and gained so much traction that the brand has kept the game on their website after the competition came to an end, allowing customers to get in touch with their inner child whilst doing their online shopping. Why not have a play yourself and see how many points you can score?


Asos – The Sims Mobile

Asos have collaborated with The Sims and created a unique game specifically for the fashion-savvy internet users. This limited-edition mini-game only available to download on mobile devices, allows users to organise their very own fashion show (who wouldn’t want to do that!?) and style their characters in Asos garments. Upon success of your interactive fashion show, you will unlock exclusive Asos clothes only available to users of the game – win, win!


Victoria Secret – Pink Nation

Victoria Secret’s younger brand, Pink, has created its very own app called Pink Nation. The app is free to download and gifts the user instantly with a unique offer to be used online via the app. The light-hearted, fun app aimed at the millennials of today, consists of a series of short, interactive games that lead to a range of impressive prizes. Games include creating looks from the Pink collection whereby users can vote for their favourite look, and games where users hunt for products within the app. The Pink Nation app is consistently on brand, understands their audience well and uses gamification to not only increase engagement but also to drive more sales.


Other clever and creative examples that we have seen from fashion brands include:

  • Enabling users to virtually ‘try on’ items before buying
  • Allowing users to create their perfect summer outfit and submit their concept to be in with a chance of winning the outfit - perfect for occasions such as festivals and the races
  • Placing an image or icon (such as an emoji)  in various places all over the website to entice users to take part in a hunt to find them all

We have also seen apps created by a number of beauty brands involving unique games that lead to incentives and prizes with the brand. Beauty brands that have been a success with this include L’Oreal Paris, Emma New York and Jo Malone.

L’Oreal Paris were one of the first beauty brands to allow users to virtually try on makeup. The Genius App uses advanced technologies whereby it captures 64 facial data points and 100 facial expressions, and enables the user to choose from a large range of products, apply the makeup to their face, share with friends and enter their ‘look’ into the competition.

Gamification is extremely creative and allows fashion and beauty brands to grow a closer connection with their audience and expand business at the same time.

It is reported that 87% of retailers could be using gamification in their marketing strategies within the next 5 years. This year is predicted to be a significant year in marketing where we will see gamification maturing, developing and becoming a strong part of a brand’s marketing strategy. As with all marketing strategies, the focus is to increase customer engagement, interaction and to gain loyal, repeat customers.

Although there is significant investment required for the design, creation and execution of a game, your brand can hugely benefit from gamification: Potential traction, social shares and new customers will all benefit your brand.

Gamification presents a new opportunity for the user; people like to play games and if there is an incentive involved it can often boost brand awareness through social shares and email marketing. Here is why you should consider gamification as part of your marketing strategy:

·      An interactive game keeps users intrigued and wanting more

·      It can keep existing and potential clients interested in the brand

·      It can give users an opportunity to learn

·      Rewards for participants entices people to play and interact

·      Perseverance to solve games, win or get the best score against friends keeps users coming back for more

·      It can increase sales and conversions

·      It can make a brand memorable and recognised

Any brand or business can invest in gamification. It is a great way of getting your brand message out in the open, reach new potential clients, build a connection with followers and become memorable. 

 If you are interested in finding out more about gamification for the fashion and beauty industry, and how you could use it within your marketing strategy, then get in touch with our team to hear our ideas.


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