I actually opened an email offer this morning. It was from a skincare brand I know and trust, and have purchased from before….although my last purchase was several months ago. I’ve received several emails from them in the past and just hit delete but this morning? The subject line said, “Happy birthday and no - we’re not selling you anything”.

I loved that. I also loved that the email body copy included my name, referenced a product I’d bought several months back and the fact that, on my next shop, no matter what my spend threshold, there would be a mini sample of that product included in my package. Yup, I went and bought something.

So yes, they were selling me something. But they sold it to me by way of what, I felt, was genuine personalisation.

Customers today decide very quickly, in seconds, whether they like your marketing message or not. Relevance and personalisation are marks that are truly hard to hit in today’s eCommerce world so how do brands hit that mark with repeatable accuracy?

Personalisation is a must-have and there is no excuse not to pursue an intricate, authentic personalisation strategy in your ambition to retain and create loyal customer relationships. Today’s tech has not only made personalisation easy but it’s also made it utterly scalable, particularly for eCommerce stores.

With the options available now, brands shouldn’t just be focused on drawing a shopper to their store, but on continuing the customer personalisation experience throughout their shopping engagement. 

However, a recent McKinsey survey of senior marketing leaders found that only 15% of CMOs believe their company is on the right track with personalisation. But there’s a big incentive to figure it out. McKinsey have found proven methods to drive 5 to 15% increases in revenue and 10 to 30% increases in marketing-spend efficiency.

Personalisation strategies today should be about delivering increased Conversion Rates and Average Order Values. It’s a real, scalable strategy that can be directly measured and tied to clear ROI metrics.

Doing personalisation right increases customer engagement and loyalty and deepens brand trust. Customers get something good out of the deal too as they feel listened to, appreciated and valued. A good personalisation strategy should reduce your customer acquisition costs, increase revenue and increase the ROI of your overall marketing spend.

Now, tech can help here. There are many great personalisation solutions out there for eCommerce from the likes of Nosto, an AI-powered solution to Fresh Relevance which blends marketing creativity with smart tech to optimise revenue.

But ultimately, great personalisation has to start with an in-depth, true commitment to understanding your customer behaviours. Behavioural data analysis helps you find where the value truly is in the overall customer journey or path-to-purchase and it can help you respond to your customer at the right time, with that rightly relevant message that will drive their next click on their path-to-purchase.

Today’s data-rich eCommerce environment means we know our customer's name and their shopping habits and their preferences:

  • we know who is a frequent customer
  • we know who is our lapsed customer
  • we know who wants to receive our newsletter and who abandoned their cart
  • we know who shops with vouchers and who is first in line at Sale time
  • we know who downloaded our app and who referred a friend
  • we know mothers who exclusively shop for their children
  • we know who prefers to prioritise shopping from sustainable brands

Our digital customers provide us with mini signals throughout their shopping journeys. We pick up on these signals throughout their journey from their search profiles, online browsing and social engagements to their time and pathways on site. The responsibility is on us, as marketers, to respond to those signals with timely, relevant, creative and personalised messaging.

So, when it comes to conversion-focused personalisation, data needs to become your happy space. Spend time with it, review it, understand the real behaviour driving your customer’s shopping habits and preferences and then, and here’s the tricky part, use that knowledge, deploy those insights, segment your customers and test those segments with targeted messaging... test some more and see where you hit that sweet spot.

Build out creative, personalised campaigns for specific segments, use dynamic content to customise your marketing coms and revise your critical dominant landing pages based on the behaviours and preferences of your audience groups and you can start joining the dots to create that seamless, personalised, genuine customer experience.

Online retail is a challenging landscape but by taking the time and investing the effort in proper personalisation, in understanding your customer behaviour drivers and in crafting intentional customer experience journeys, from your SEO strategy all the way through to your conversion landing pages, brands can uplift their conversion rates and create loyal, engaging shopping communities.

And remember, doing so might just deliver 15%, or more, in increased revenue! Ready to level up your marketing approach?





Zoe oversees digital strategy at Reflect. She’s passionate about ensuring our clients get maximum value from our team and LOVES to ensure there are clear strategic goals, roadmaps and scaling plans. Happy clients = happy Zoe! 

From pitching in on new business and enhancing our team collaboration, Zoe ensures client’s experience a strategic partnership with Reflect Digital that they can’t find anywhere else. She ensures the team are chasing the right goals and that we’re always going for gold. 

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