Back in the day as a designer, creating a logo for a new or existing brand didn’t come with many restrictions. Nowadays there are many more things to consider.

Will the new logo you’ve just designed still look the same scaled down to 25mm? Will the brand still be recognisable when only one colour is permitted to be used?

Not only does it have to be unique and memorable, it also has to be versatile across a wide range of platforms such as social media, clothing, letterheads, vehicles, favicons…the list goes on.

With the above in mind, here are my top 5 design tips to consider when rebranding:

1. Colours

Picking the right colour scheme and using this consistently is one of the most important things to consider. Personally when I see purple and orange, I think FedEx. Same with red and yellow (McDonalds). Some brands like Google and eBay use a number of colours very well which instantly make their global brand stand out.

Also consider how your logo will look when only one colour is an option and ensure it is equally as recognizable.

2. Level of detail

Remember that small details will probably disappear when your new logo is scaled down in size.  To ensure there is no distortion in the logo, scrap small intricate elements and simplify by using something more scalable.

3. Be timeless

Using current trends to influence a logo design is great…for that year. What happens in 5 years time when those design trends are seen as dated? For example, Nike, Apple, Starbucks…they all have simple, unique logos that have stood the test of time with very minimal changes in appearance over the years.

A logo using the latest design trend runs the risk of looking lazy, cheap and forgettable. Taking the time to do research, absorb feedback and develop ideas are great ways to ensure you’ll have a logo to be proud of that will stand the test of time.

4. Consider fonts

Fonts also play a major part in your rebrand. Consider the personality that you want your brand to portray and go from there. For example, a ‘serious’ font like sans serif would be better suited to a law firm rather than a nursery. Similarly, you would not use comic sans for…erm...anything!

5. Keep it simple, stupid

The cliché of ‘keep it simple stupid’ is used a lot amongst designers, some love it, some hate it, most try to reword it in a client friendly way. Whatever your view, it’s true. By overcomplicating the logo, colour scheme, font choices or even having ‘too many cooks’ can be disastrous for your rebrand.

We’ve mentioned Nike, Apple and Starbucks, but there are so many companies who have rebranded and nailed it by keeping things simple. Stripping back what is not needed, updating the appearance using cleaner typography or making small but powerful changes have been the winning formula for these major brands.

Logo rebranding

The last thought you want when rebranding is regret and immediately wanting to change it.

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