Google’s constant algorithm updates, people’s increasing addiction to social media and the ever increasing number of businesses now with an online home has made promoting businesses online harder than it’s ever been.  The digital landscape is becoming increasingly complex and competitive and businesses are continuously look to new innovative ways to cut through the noise.

Most business owners tend to understand the basic concept of SEO and why it is important, but digital PR and link building – what does that entail? Here I answer some of our most frequently ask questions on the topic:

What is Digital PR and Link Building?

Digital PR combined with link building efforts drive online visibility and authority which, in turn, help your business to grow. By connecting directly with consumers at different touchpoints during the customer buying cycle via popular channels we can offer information deemed useful to them at that point in time.

It is our goal to promote businesses on external websites and sources that are relevant to them.

How is digital PR different to traditional PR?

Unlike traditional PR, digital PR can be measured more accurately with additional traffic (and subsequent sales) being traced right back to individual campaigns. This makes calculating your ROI much easier.  Unlike traditional methods, digital PR will help increase brand awareness whilst also influencing organic SEO and search visibility within your target markets.

How do you know what content to write?

There are various ways in which we can satisfy a potential customer’s intent online and capture their interest but it’s not an easy task! Each campaign will need tailoring and continually refining to ensure you are targeting through the most appropriate channels and actually satisfying a need from your target customer base.  Social listening, keyword research, monitoring trending topics, traffic volumes and visitor behaviour will all help understand what is and isn’t popular within your niche and your strategy can be revised accordingly.

How do you go about getting content published?

Each link building or digital PR campaign will involve a specific group(s) of target customers and to define these, we complete personas or user profiles in advance. Having built up an image who we are trying to target, it makes writing valuable industry related tailored content much easier.

Networking and building relationships which industry influencers is an important part of digital PR which makes outreach easier and more effective. Once we have identified our target personas we would then get in touch with our relevant contacts and explain the new opportunity.  

How does SEO help with digital PR and link building?

Combining your link building and digital PR activity as part of a larger SEO campaign will supercharge your efforts and often result in an increase in online visibility and growth. SEO is important in making sure you content is indexed and ranked well in Google and as such, various tasks are completed to identify trends in search techniques, popular keywords and phrases people are searching for. All of which assist with content creation and targeting the right people in the right places.

If you have any further questions about how this type of work could be beneficial to your business, or you are interested in attending one of our training courses – just contact one of our friendly team.


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