So you've heard the exciting news, we've now joined the Lab Group and we've put together a few FAQ's to help you understand what the acquisition means for our clients:

Who will invoice me?

Your invoices will still come from Reflect Digital Limited, no changes there. 

Does the bank account we are paying change?

No, everything stays the same. 

Does my contract need to change?

No, at the point of renewal you may be asked to sign a new LAB Group contract, but for now, everything can stay the same.

Will my account manager be the same?

Yes, nothing changes here. 

Do I need to do anything?

No, just get excited to hear about all the new skills we have learnt and all the new experiments we are running. 

When can I hear about this human behaviour superpower?

As soon as you are ready! Just book some time in with your account manager and they can explain all. Warning - once you hear about it, you’ll be hooked!


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