With birds chirping and the sun stretching itself across the UK, I woke up realising I had a busy week ahead of me. Intrigued by what I would be able to attain from my experience working with the guys at Reflect Digital, I swiftly hurried to prepare myself for the week ahead of me.  

9 am, I see myself inside a beautiful office space and was greeted by the eccentric Office Manager Amy, who gave me a tour of the office, which I found quite interesting. It changed my expectations as there was a pool table, ping-pong table and bean bags. This quickly made me realise that the corporate culture wasn’t well... corporate! There was an element of relaxation to the office space, and it felt like a stress-free environment, cultivated by how friendly everyone was, when they all greeted me for the first time. 

Sales and Marketing 

After my tour, I was presented with the Marketing Manager Chantel, who gave me the ins and outs of her role within the company. I got first-hand experience with how frontend and backend development worked and it was fascinating because it was an aspect, I wished to explore myself. She used this to meticulously add graphics and information to their Reflect Digital website, which I found eye-opening. This then lead to me meeting the Senior Growth Marketing Executive, Sophie who was as cool as a cucumber! She explained aspects which I had a basic understanding of but added further to them by expressing her expertise within the field and even taught me the term ‘directional gaze’.  

Paid Media 

I got an introduction to a couple of the lads within the company from the Paid Media team, Gary, and Darcy. They were both incredible and relatable, which made getting on with them easy. Darcy the Senior Paid Media Executive took me through the ropes of Paid Media and explained the technical aspects of his job where he reported data findings and forecasted potential ROI for clients. This was really intriguing because it showed me how with a proper advertising campaign, you could see massive returns, which was something I explored during my time in education. He then got me to do a task where I filled out a spreadsheet with collected data and he gave me some tips and tricks to speed up the process, which were very useful.  


I was never any good with earning the love of pets but, Harry solidified this for me. My first introduction to him was barks and mayhem. Even through all of that, I still showered him with my unconditional love to him with head pats and chin rubs.  


Reflect Digital is an amazing company, and I am very thankful that I managed to win the prize at Aspiration Digital, as it brought lots of insight for me and made me realise that marketing is a very essential part of driving sales for companies. The coordination between the different teams and how they interacted by ensuring that communication was very precise made me realise that everyone was very passionate about what they do.  

 The culture within the company cannot be put into contention, as it is evident that they care for one another. They value and appreciate each other while at the same time ensuring that vital work is carried out. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with the agency should definitely capitalise on it as it is an experience that should not be missed! 

Massive thank you to Becky for hosting Aspiration Digital allowing me the opportunity to get a chance to work with Reflect Digital with the prize. Thank you to everyone else on the team who took the time to patiently sit with me and guide me through their technical job roles, and this experience has most certainly taught me some valuable skills!     


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