Every summer we take on four students from The University of Kent's Employability Points Scheme as interns. This summer we had the pleasure of working with the awesome George, Dhriti, Swapnil and Lily...

The students earned sufficient points throughout the academic year, and the scheme enabled them to apply for internship placements with us at Reflect Digital.

Both George and Dhriti joined our Marketing team, whilst Swapnil joined our Developers and Lily jumped in with the Account Management team.

We were super lucky to have kept one of our interns on for a full-time position - find out who it was in the videos below! 


George joined us for an internship over the summer before going back to university to complete the third year of his History degree.

He joined our Digital Marketing team and supported with outreach, copywriting and SEO.

See how he got on with his placement...


Dhriti joined us for an internship with our Digital Marketing team after completing her degree in English and American Literature. She spent the summer helping our SEO's with keyword research, outreach and content writing. 

We were thrilled to extend Dhriti's placement to a fulltime SEO Executive position.

Listen to Dhriti's experience here...


Lily joined our Account Management team for the summer after finishing her degree in Sociology and Quantitative Research. Lily supported our team on a whole range of client tasks and helped to manage various internal marketing projects.

See how Lily got on...


After completing his Masters in Computer Science, Swapnil joined our Development team for a summer internship. He worked on a variety of projects and helped to build an awesome new tool that we recently launched. 

Listen to his experience...


You can read more about the Employability Points scheme here.









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