The Employability Points (EP) Scheme, funded by Santander, rewards students with the experience of work for their active involvement in co-curricular activities. In 2017-18, over 8,300 students participated in the EP Scheme, with over 800 rewards being offered by local, national and international employers. 


James and Alex came into our Marketing Team, Luigi settled into our Digital Accounts Management Team, and Leah jumped in with our Development Team!
To top off the awesome summer, we were over the moon to be able to take on one of the interns for a full-time position, but we won’t spoil it for you!

Here’s how the internships went in their own words… 



I'm James and have worked predominantly as a copywriter within the marketing team for a 10-week summer internship. I've previously written recreational poetry and online copy for the University of Kent; therefore, to apply my skills to a private sector context was a healthy challenge.  

During this internship, I have written for cricket academies, shed makers, screw manufacturers and IT support providers! Each requires a different tone of voice to reflect the client's unique brand and I've learned how to adapt accordingly. But it's not just been about writing - the comprehensive analytical training has been brilliant and the overall experience has set me up well for an MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics, and beyond!  Thank you Reflect :) 



My favourite thing about working at Reflect has been the exposure I have had to the creative elements in Marketing. I have had a chance to brainstorm content and PR campaign ideas for clients, something I have really enjoyed as I have quite the imagination! 

Looking to the future, I want to get more involved in the creative side of the marketing process. I've really enjoyed bringing creativity into achieving clients' business and marketing goals... It is definitely something I would like to pursue further in the future.  



Hello, I’m Luigi, a fresh graduate of the University of Kent. I have worked for Reflect Digital’s accounts management team all summer and have, as a result, gained an insight into the interplay between agency and client. 

I have answered a lot of phone calls (overcoming my fear of talking to strangers in the process!), conducted my fair share of preliminary research for upcoming projects, and worked on email campaigns.

One memorable moment was I was given multiple tasks from multiple people, and all pretty much needed everything done by that day. Suffice to say, I uncovered a secret skill in juggling that I didn’t know I even had. 

I’m pretty optimistic for the future: being an intern at Reflect Digital was a chance to showcase my strengths, but it also made me aware of my limitations and the skills I need to improve in order to overcome them. It was an amazing experience overall!



During my time as a development intern for the Reflect Digital team, I have gained an insight on how areas of development are carried out in the industry, how internal systems are created, maintained and used as well as the processes in place to complete work on client sites. 

Being able to sit in on the SEO training with the other interns also means I have developed an understanding of how the different areas of digital marketing work both individually and together. 

Halfway into my internship, I was offered a permanent position with Reflect Digital as a Junior Developer. Everyone here is friendly and willing (and patient enough!) to help me learn as I work, which is an amazing opportunity and one I very happily took! 

When my time at university was coming to an end I had an idea that I wanted to be involved in web development but the internship has opened my eyes to the various areas of development available to work in and the areas in which I could focus on specialising in.  

The team at Reflect are happy for me to explore different areas of development during my time here and so I am still making that decision as I go, but it’s great to have the chance to find it whilst I work. 



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