Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but when bugs unexpectedly rear their ugly head or a malicious DDoS attack tries to take us down, it does seem like there is a darker side to dev! Many things can go wrong but fortunately for our clients, we are pros, ready to take out any unexpected nasties which may come our way... 


They work fine initially, but when Wordpress is updated, suddenly a darker side develops and bugs appear out of the abyss. These Gremlins, usually created due to the differences in Wordpress and plugin versions, are often intermittent, meaning debugging and fixing them can be difficult. Fortunately, the developers at Reflect Digital have a number of tools at their disposal to quickly and efficiently fight these issues and ensure the site is running just like normal.

Frankenstein's Monster

Mary Shelley describes Frankenstein as “a hideously ugly creation that essentially just wants to be loved.” For agencies, a Frankenstein project is something that you will inherit at some point or another. It’s a project that was created by another agency, sometimes these projects are many years old, using outdated technology and coded in such a way that makes working on it somewhat gruesome. With little (or no, in most cases) support from the original agency, working on such sites can certainly bring its challenges, but we will always aim to improve the site wherever possible and show it the same love we show our own sites.

Shaun Of the Dead

Imagine thousands of bloodthirsty zombies beating down your front door. How long before they break it down, swarm in and devour your flesh? Okay, slightly grim prospect, but the analogy isn’t entirely fictional. DDOS (Dedicated Denial of Service) attacks can effect thousands of infected computers and are on the rise.  Any agency worth its salt will need to provide layers of protection to mitigate these attacks.


As a web agency, we pride ourselves on being experts in our field. Quite often a client will have a vision of what they want to achieve with their site. Depending on the requirements, this vision can quite often be fragmented. It is the job of the Project Manager and the Development team, to collect all these individual puzzle pieces and create one coherent jigsaw (do you see what I did there?!). This then forms the basis of website build incorporating all of the client’s requirements.


We are a varied bunch at Reflect Digital, including three people originally from mainland Europe. Tiberiu, our frontend developer hails from Romania and lives just a couple hours from Vlad III’s castle. Better known as Vlad the Impaler, or Vlad Dracula, his name is the inspiration for the main character in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Fun fact: Tourists are often told that Castelul Bran was the residence of Dracula, but there is no evidence Bram Stoker knew anything about this castle. A more likely candidate would surely be Castelul Corvinilor which Vlad is known to have been imprisoned at after he was deposed. Thanks for the local knowledge Tibs.

American Werewolf in London

There are a number of good werewolf movies out there, but this is a classic. Our own resident werewolf is Harry. Harry is our office dog who spends his exhausting life moving from lap to lap, getting cuddles and strokes. Hopefully, if Harry ever did turn into a full-blown werewolf, he’d remember the pampered life he’s had in the office and not eat us!

28 Days Later

The dev team have a ritual which is executed approximately every 28 days. This ritual does not involve a full moon, there is no need for ostentatious robes and it most certainly does not require a sacrifice. Our monthly ritual is Fast Food Payday Friday. One of our favourite takeaways is pizza but you will need to be quick if you want a slice!!! 



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