With video taking the online market by storm and many video platforms becoming search engines within their own right… video content creation has emerged as a powerful tool to showcase properties. 

We saw a huge increase in video consumption during COVID, and the property sector was no exception. Lockdowns resulted in many Property Developers and Estate Agents having to pivot their approach to include video including virtual tours, reel walkthroughs, and doll house VR experiences. 

Flash forward to today and video is still playing a significant role in property marketing. Below I explore my top three favourite ways the property sector can leverage video content to tell stories, make noise and ultimately increase sales and engagement: 


#1 Dynamic Aerial Tours

Fly-through drone tours started to trend in the summer of 2023 and we believe that 2024 is going to take off (pun intended). Offering the potential buyer the experience of the entire property innovatively and engagingly will increase physical viewings, reduce time wasters and raise brand awareness. 


#2 Educational Content 

The selfless gift can go a long way to building a relationship. Estate Agents are experts in their industry and there are some complex/ever-changing elements to it all. When an agent can provide tips on getting better value from their property or the financials that go with it, they will understandably be front of mind when the buyer (or vendor) comes to market. These can be simple 30-second Instagram reels to give the viewer a reason to follow you. 


#3 Location Content 

Property is not just about property. It's about the surrounding areas too. If you can turn your property business into a destination for info on your property AND what the surrounding areas have to offer then the potential buyer does not need to go anywhere else to research their upcoming purchase.



Trust and retention are key in converting eyeballs into viewings. The best way to build trust online is by creating videos with real humans in them. Offering selfless gifts outside of the products you sell will keep the viewer engaged on your channels and a relationship forms over time. 

The future of property marketing lies in these innovative, human-centred approaches that not only showcase properties but also build lasting connections with clients.

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