We have taken a look at some of the best social media marketing campaigns so far this year and thought we’d share them with you – they are pretty amazing!

Land Rover’s #hibernot

In January, Land Rover introduced their first campaign of the year and launched hashtag #hibernot

The #hibernot campaign was created to inspire people to get out and about during the winter months and explore the UK rather than hibernating in the comfort of our warm homes!

Land Rover created an online hub with inspiration for winter trails, rural walks and activity ideas for people to get out and explore the beautiful outdoors. People were also invited to share their experiences of their own winter outdoor adventures by posting photos to the Hibernot website, created specifically for the campaign.

Success rate: Not measured – Although there was a noticeable increase in brand awareness and social followings increased to 102,000 Facebook fans and 77,000 Twitter followers (however we do not know the initial stats)


Net-A-Porter app – Selfies craze

The high-end fashion website Net-A-Porter launched a stunning print magazine earlier this year to rival the likes of Harpers Bazaar and Vogue with the direct aim to take over the fashion world.

Latching onto the selfies craze, Net-A-Porter created an iOS app called ‘I Am Porter’ and allowed fashionista’s to take photos and transform themselves into a cover star for the Porter print magazine…

Users could use the app to take photos or upload existing photos and add a catchy strapline along with the PORTER masthead to create their very own magazine cover. Users were then encouraged to share their cover photos on both Instagram and Twitter to build excitement to the launch of the Porter Magazine, which costs £5.

Various celebrities, models and well-known faces of fashion also took part in the campaign.

The winner was chosen at random and won a £2,000 shopping spree on Net-A-Porter

Success rate: 2,800 tweets on Twitter using the #IAMPORTER

Free press coverage as a result of the excitement surrounding the campaign.



The popular football team, Juventus, wanted to get their fans involved with the choreography of the crowd for one of the most eagerly awaited games of the football season – Juventus V Inter Milan on 2nd February

Watch this fantastic footage for the campaign and the results here.

Choreography is a huge part of big games and Juventus fans love to be involved with crowd entertainment especially on big games.

The winning choreography was a 16-year-old boy from Paris and his choreography was displayed with coloured cards in the crowd during the game.

Other tweets and designs were shown on the big screen giving entrants their 5 minutes of fame.

The final choreography involved:

25,000 people in the crowd

12,700 printed cards made


Success Rating:

3,000 choreographies were sent in

13,500 tweets with photos and uploads of

The game ended as 3-1 to Juventus


Renault’s #UndressNewTwingo

To promote the launch of the new Renault Twingo, in February 2014, Renault launched a hashtag campaign on Twitter as a teaser to all their followers before fully unveiling the new design.

Prior to the launch of the #UndressNewTwingo campaign, Renault teased the media and influencers with content surrounding the big reveal to encourage people to get involved and promote the campaign once the teaser campaign officially launched on Twitter.

2 days later, Renault launched a live video stream of the brand new Twingo model in a large studio covered in camouflage stickers.

The studio had live feeds of the Twitter stream and followers were encouraged to tweet using the hashtag #UndressNewTwingo to create a strip tease effect as they slowly unveiled the new design.

For every 100 tweets received using the #hashtag, a dance troupe would remove a sticker….


Success Rating:

45,000 visits to the website – without Renault having to pay for any media coverage

100 blog posts published by bloggers during the 1.5 hour striptease

4,000 tweets

The hashtag was trending in France

Watch the Youtube video here


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