Working with a digital partner that you can trust is essential for fuelling business growth. We have heard more times than we would like to admit that businesses have been let down by a partner. We believe the part that many agencies get wrong is not properly understanding their client and their client’s audience. 

Our mission with every client we work with is to deliver tangible impact. What that impact is, varies, based on your needs and goals. If we do not have insight into what your business is trying to achieve, how can we understand your business?

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Before we even look at a strategy we have a lot of questions for our potential clients. We want to know why does your business exist? What makes you special? Why are you better than your competitors? What are you trying to achieve in the next financial year and the next 5 years? What part does the marketing strategy play in your business strategy? And many more. 

Without understanding these types of questions, we would be foolish to just start trying to suggest a strategy to you, as our strategy must be in place to complement and help achieve your organisation's goals.



Once we have a full picture of your business, what you do, why you do it and what your goals are we can start to audit your current marketing position. We will want to look at statistics from analytics and any other tracking you have, we will audit the website visually and from a functionality point of view. We will ask to know about other marketing you are doing, campaigns, events, paid search, email, the list goes on… We’ll then go on to understand the marketing landscape for your sector, looking at your competitors and best in class examples to benchmark where you are today and where we aim to get you to. 

THEN, we'll need a deep understanding of your audience and typical user journey. The key here is ensuring we have up to date, motivation led personas to guide our thinking. Personas are integral to being able to offer a human approach to your strategy. 

Following this is extensive research into the ways your audience search, from an organic and paid perspective, but also think about social commerce and all the different digital avenues your audience may take. This research allows us to create customer journey maps looking at how a user might flow from awareness through to purchase. 

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