Celebrating creativity without limits, The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate pure, unadulterated creativity. 

The awards allow marketers to craft a campaign for a specific category without rules or boundaries, providing endless opportunities for creativity. 

Our creative team produced two concepts for this year's awards; 

B&Q - Reclaim Your Space


  • Best Use of Ambient 
  • Best Outdoor

Taking inspiration from B&Qs slogan "let's do it together", introduced in 2011. Although the slogan was originally introduced to confront the general fear of DIY going wrong, we felt the post-pandemic "new norm" gave the slogan new meaning. During the two years of the pandemic, many companies went out of business, budgets were pulled, billboards were left empty, and many outdoor spaces were left in poor states, as the people and money were no longer available to look after them. As we start to come out again, the "let's do it together" slogan empowered us to think of community projects and people coming together to "reclaim their space." The spaces around our homes and towns, being turned around by B&Q community projects, supporting and encouraging a love of DIY that gives back to the community and starts to shed the cobwebs of the pandemic. We thought of the B&Q DIY community as "your friendly neighbourhood DIYer" (like Spiderman, but better.)

B&Q - What Does B&Q Stand For?

SHORTLISTED: Best Corporate Identity 

We ran an internal agency poll and 1 person knew: Block and Quayle. Then we asked: what do you think B&Q should stand for? It was a great mini exercise on how people see B&Q, what the famous letters could stand for based on their current messaging, and how the brand is perceived. "Build and Quick" came out as one of the top answers. So...we had some fun with it. What could B&Q stand for, if there's no limit? The wilder the better! We wanted to show what B&Q could mean for each DIYers based on their imagination. We then took some of our favourite answers and turned them into interior design options for beautiful creative and a fun web randomiser. If you're starting your DIY journey and don't know much about interior design, instead of a boring book to show you options, our design randomiser, based on the B&Q corporate identity, will help get those creative juices going! With just two simple letters (that no one seems to know the meaning of) there are hundreds of DIY options to get the creative juices flowing and the inspiration going for B&Q customers. No one needs to know what B&Q stands for, because it can stand for anything their customers want it to.


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