The Drum Chip Shop Awards celebrate creativity without limits, encouraging individuals and agencies to push boundaries in design with no brief, no constraints and no morals that awards attract widely creative and tongue-in-cheek campaign ideas. 
For this year’s entries, our creative team Nick Harris and Wayne Oliver, joined forces with Behavioural Strategist Kiran Webster to curate a campaign that would stop users in their tracks by combining creative thinking with psychological nudges. 

The KEY to Getaway Temptation 

This idea was designed to reach out to desk workers in need of a break. The combination of a posing question with keyboard imagery encourages workers to stop in their tracks and reflect on their current situation. 

These ads would be targeted at office workers and would feature at key points of the working day. ‘Time to esc’ would run at the beginning of the working day, playing on the idea that workers are often clumsier first thing in the morning. ‘Work out of ctrl’ would feature towards the middle of the working day, where normally workers have multiple tasks on the go at once. ‘Another long shift’ would appear after hours for those whose working day is yet to finish. ‘In need of some sun’ would be run at any time during bad weather.

They would also feature on tube train ads appealing to those who are rushing to/from work or travelling to meetings.

“When creating this campaign, we wanted to pull on some key behavioural techniques for capturing people’s attention. We personalised the adverts to office workers by using language and imagery that they would be familiar with. Knowing that people respond to stimuli differently at different times of the day and in different contexts, we’ve also designed the ads to be displayed at relevant moments, such as towards the end of the working day or when the weather is a bit more miserable as people are likely to be dreaming of a holiday escape/more receptive to the messaging in these moments.” - Kiran Webster, Behavioural Strategist. 

“The idea was to create something eye-catching, relatable and memorable to attract the attention of office workers. As a team, we felt the message needed to be clear yet entertaining in its delivery and reach out to those desperate for a quick getaway. I incorporated keyboard keys within the messaging to communicate directly to office workers, with a little bit of work required for them to decipher the message. This makes it more entertaining to engage with and, in turn, more memorable. The use of bold colours and relatable imagery gave the whole campaign a rounded aesthetic.” - Wayne Oliver, Lead Creative.

A huge congratulations to all the other finalists, and best of luck!



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