In 2018, Aspiration Digital, a one-day conference to inspire the next generation of digital leaders was founded. Five events later, we have impacted over 1,200 students, giving them a flavour of the multitude of pathways, roles and careers within the digital sector. 

As we prepare for our 2025 event, we wanted to take a fresh look at the data to better understand the shape of the problem when it comes to inspiration to join the digital industry. 

There is already a lot of data demonstrating the digital skills gap, with 82% of today’s jobs, even those not classed as within the digital sector, requiring digital skills. 

Rather than continuing to look at the digital skills gap, the focus of our research was to uncover the ‘digital inspiration gap’, specifically surveying people who work within the digital industry. 

“...many organizations face a ‘digital skills gap’ - the inability to access skilled professionals with the proper knowledge and experience in emerging technologies. This leaves businesses at a competitive disadvantage as they struggle to close the gaps between their employees’ current capabilities and what is needed to succeed in the digital economy.” - Forbes, Jan 2023

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