What is Brunch and Learn Bitesize?

This event is our newly launched webinar series that’s open to the public - a small taste of our popular exclusive client roundtable. 

The series is a string of knowledge share sessions led by digital experts and keynote speakers with the aim to upskill those in the marketing space with trending topics and key updates.

To help beat Zoom fatigue, it is key for us to make our sessions as interactive and personalised as possible - so each attendee receives a handmade brunch box including delicious breakfast treats; orange juice, waffles, honey and some Reflect Digital goodies to write down their session notes. 

Behavioural science: Your digital competitive advantage

For our first session, we were joined by guest speakers Beatrice Andrew, Behavioural Science Consultant at LAB Group and Thom Standen, our Growth Marketing Consultant at Reflect Digital who brought behavioural science to life. They uncovered how an understanding of human behaviour can be used to improve a user’s experience across key moments in their journey, particularly at the point of conversion. Bea and Thom shared the various ways to make this happen, how to measure the results and optimise conversion.

Bea sparked curiosity with her interesting insights on the behavioural science framework MINDSPACE, taking the audience through a few of the principles that should be considered when designing a customer journey, such as choice architecture and the peak-end rule. Bea also outlined the importance of adding friction to the right moments in a journey and how this can increase memorability, by shifting thinking from system 1 to system 2.

Thom then demonstrated the importance of using these behavioural insights and how to implement them correctly to optimise conversion rate. He explained the importance of creating a feedback loop, a crucial method in CRO to constantly measure and improve a website to benefit its customers. Thom shared his expertise on using the power of language to create hooks and call to actions that convert, by using psychology to understand your audience's motives.

You can read more about Bea and Thom’s talk here

Our next Brunch and Learn webinar

If you missed out on our Behavioural Science webinar on 5th August, do not panic. We’ll be running the same session on Thursday 23rd September and we have a few spaces left. 

You can register for the webinar here, and you’ll have the opportunity to order a complimentary brunch box 2 weeks before the event.

After the event, attendees also have the chance to book a free consultation call with our expert team on how to implement behavioural science and CRO into a marketing strategy.

If you’d like to find out more about Brunch and Learn Bitesize, please feel free to get in touch


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