Facebook is celebrating its birthday and the huge success the social media platform has had over the past 10 years.

Since the creation of Facebook in 2004, the social media platform has grown into a worldwide phenomenon with people of all ages and languages joining together with the same like for connecting to friends, families, businesses and celebrities across the world.

Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook chief and co-founder had dreams of creating apps for smartphones to allow people to stay in touch and sync their lives with others and now over 945 million Facebook users are mobile.

‘For nearly ten years, Facebook has been on a mission to connect the world,’ – Mark Zuckerburg.

Facebook's 10th Anniversary

Facebook has become part of our daily routine, with over 1.23 billion active users spending 20% of their Internet time on Facebook each month.

The social platform focuses on the positive aspect of sharing and interacting with other users. If you like something you can hit the thumbs up option, if you don’t like it, you are encouraged to leave a comment or walk away.

Newsfeeds are tailored by an algorithm that calculates what will be most interesting to you and fills the newsfeed with relevant posts and updates from your friends and ‘likes’ list.

Iain Mackenzie from Facebook has been answering users Q&A’s and stated:

“Now the algorithm doesn’t get it right all the time but most of the time it gets it about right.
“It works out the kind of people that you engage with and talk to the most and the sort of people whose pages you click on.”

Facebook has now become a fantastic interactive platform for businesses as well as individual profiles. The social media platform allows companies to show an insight into the ‘real’ business with photos from inside the offices, the making or production of products, the latest trends, collections and even music before they are released.

So how will Facebook be celebrating the success of connecting the world for a decade?

A spokeswoman for Facebook has stated that the Internet giant will be keeping focused and having a low-key celebration.
“Just as we do every year, we will have an internal party on Friday afternoon,”

Facebook prides themselves on staying focused and on the ball at all times, it is with this attitude that the social media platform has achieved such huge success.

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