Welcome to the ultimate guide to property trends in 2024, where we're diving into the latest property crazes reshaping the market! 

From mind-blowing virtual reality property tours to the shift towards sustainable living, we've got the inside scoop on what's shaking up this market and what is important to the consumers. 

That's where our expertise comes in, we specialise in deciphering human behaviour and ensuring that developers understand their core audience's motivations and behaviours. Whether it's the desire for sustainable living spaces or the demand for versatile home environments, developers need to be equipped with the insights they need to accommodate evolving consumer preferences. 

The Rise in Video

The increasing popularity of platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube for search means that video is becoming ever more important for those looking to dominate their markets. Understanding how your users are navigating video content, and where in the customer journey is critical to your ongoing success. 

If you’ve got a beautiful property listing that's just waiting to be seen by the right buyer, you could stick with the same old photos and descriptions, but why not kick it up a notch with a killer video tour? That's where our Creative Director, Gary, comes in. He's all about staying ahead of the game, and he's got some serious insights into how video is revolutionising property marketing.

It's not just about throwing together a few clips and calling it a day. Nope, it's about understanding your audience, knowing where they hang out online, and delivering the content they crave at just the right moment. From captivating drone footage that showcases the stunning views of your latest listing to behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team hard at work, there's so much you can do with video to stand out in a crowded market.


Data-driven property

In the search for the dream property, data wizards are quietly shaping the customer journey. We decode market trends and buyer behaviours to unveil what truly makes a property shine. With these insights, we can then craft tailored experiences, from personalised property descriptions to strategic launch timings, all backed by data-driven intelligence making sure we put the humans at the centre of everything. 

It's like a high-stakes game of chess, with houses as our pieces. Behind the scenes, data and psychology merge to create uniquely tailored interactions, ensuring every engagement feels like home. The importance of understanding your audience is more true than ever. Take our client, Greenwich Peninsula, for instance. By honing in on the specific personas that are key during the purchase process and tailoring ad copy to their true triggers, we achieved a staggering 2985% return on ad spend (ROAS). This success story epitomises the game-changing impact of data-driven approaches in property marketing.


Sustainability & Proptech

Now, let’s switch things up and talk about a trend that’s not just good for the planet but also good for the soul - the climb of preference to sustainable and green living. 

In the rapidly evolving property landscape, a significant shift towards sustainable and green living spaces is taking centre stage. The emergence of 'PropTech' is revolutionising the property sector, enhancing the buying, selling, and renting experience with technologies like 3D virtual tours and app development. This tech-forward movement aligns perfectly with the growing demand for homes that contribute positively to the planet. Innovations such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient appliances are becoming more common, reflecting an attitude shift towards living in harmony with nature. Such sustainable choices are not just environmentally responsible but also cater to the well-being of residents, highlighting the importance of integrating green practices and smart technology in modern homes.

The push for sustainability is further emphasised by the trend towards biophilic design and smart home technology, which marry the aesthetics of natural elements with the efficiency of modern tech to create healthier, more sustainable living environments. Despite the UK market's slow adoption rate for technologies like smart thermostats, there's a clear indication that the future of property development lies in embracing green building practices. 

This movement towards sustainability and technological integration in the property sector presents a unique opportunity for property developers and agencies to meet the expectations of a new generation of homeowners. 


Unleash the potential through CRO 

Let’s talk about how we can unleash your website’s potential through CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and watch your website traffic transform into valuable leads. With CRO, we fine-tune your website through experimentation, ensuring every optimisation directly contributes to results. This means no guesswork – just clear-cut insights that can truly make an impact.

In the realm of property, the possibilities for boosting conversion rates are endless to make the journey more personalised and seamless. Take Virtual Reality (VR), for instance – it's reshaping the property landscape as we know it! Instead of passive property browsing, potential buyers can now virtually step inside homes from the comfort of their sofa - house viewings in your PJs! VR property tours are gaining traction among estate agents, offering a more engaging and interactive way to explore homes. And here's the kicker – back in 2020, a whopping 130,000 estate agents were already hopping on the VR bandwagon, solidifying its status as a key trend backed by hard numbers.

VR isn't just about a virtual tour, it's about crafting an immersive experience that captivates potential buyers in their property search. But VR is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhancing customer experience and driving conversions. Interactive brochures and augmented reality applications add another layer of dynamism, providing diverse options for prospective buyers to engage with properties in exciting new ways. With these tools in your arsenal, your website becomes a hub of innovation, attracting and converting leads like never before.


Influencer impact

Let's dive into the fascinating world where influencers and social media are making an impact in the property market for developers and estate agents alike. 

From Instagrammers showcasing their dream homes to YouTubers giving virtual tours, social media has become a powerhouse for property marketing. Developers and estate agents are teaming up with influencers to showcase properties in fresh, exciting ways. It's not just about glossy brochures anymore; it's about real people sharing their real experiences with a touch of authenticity. And let's not forget the role of social media platforms themselves. Facebook Marketplace, Pinterest boards, and even TikTok tours are changing the game, making property hunting more accessible and entertaining than ever before.

In the world of property trends, influencer marketing emerges as a driving force, leveraging the trust and connection influencers have built with their followers. Whether these influencers specialise in property, interior design, or lifestyle content, they possess the ability to influence opinions and spur action through their partnerships. Within the property sector specifically, influencers play a pivotal role in spotlighting properties, providing valuable market insights, and dispensing expert advice on navigating the complexities of buying and selling homes. This form of marketing opens doors to reaching audiences beyond the scope of traditional channels, amplifying engagement and fostering meaningful connections within the digital landscape.


Key Takeaways

In a rapidly evolving property market, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Here's what you need to know:

  • Video Dominance - Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are reshaping property marketing. Harnessing the power of video content, from captivating property tours to behind-the-scenes glimpses, is key to standing out.
  • CRO and VR - Fine-tune your website through CRO and leverage VR technology for immersive property experiences. With 130,000 estate agents already embracing VR, it's clear that innovative digital tools drive conversions.
  • Data-Driven Marketing - Decode market trends and buyer behaviours to craft tailored experiences. A human-first approach yields impressive returns and revolutionises property marketing.
  • Sustainability and PropTech - The shift towards sustainable living spaces is gaining momentum. Embrace PropTech innovations and integrate green practices to meet the demands of environmentally-conscious buyers.
  • Influencer Impact - Social media influencers wield significant influence in the property market. Collaborating with influencers amplifies engagement and reaches audiences beyond traditional channels, transforming property marketing in the digital age.
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