Kent-based Reflect Digital, the search agency with an obsession for human behaviour and neuro-marketing has partnered with the London- based brand and communications agency, Free Partners (Free) in order to provide comprehensive marketing services for the insurance sector.

It comes at a time where insurance marketers move increasingly away from tactical marketing communications and towards more strategic, systematic, longer-term campaigns. 

The partnership between Reflect Digital and Free Partners will enable insurance marketers to address two of the biggest challenges they face in delivering success for the sector; getting the message right, and getting the message seen.

Free’s expertise in brand storytelling will also add to Reflect Digital’s services and offer a fully rounded approach to branding and bringing brands to life.

Free Partners works with business owners and marketing professionals within the insurance sector to help them articulate what’s different about their brands, and to create campaigns to tell the world. 

Through a combination of brand development, PR and digital marketing, Free’s award-winning approach helps their clients stand out in the market.

Reflect Digital is a leading search marketing agency with a proven track record in delivering strong ROI on a local, national and international scale. 

Reflect Digital helps to elevate marketing campaigns to a broader audience SEO and PPC together with an award-winning methodology that blends neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics to optimise digital brands and experiences.

Becky Simms, Founder and CEO of Reflect Digital, said: “I’m delighted to announce our partnership with Free Partners, the combination of our unique skill sets will lay a strong foundation for growth and development, not just in the short-term but also into the future.

“We only partner with businesses whose values and work reflect our own very high standards. 

“The complementary capabilities and shared cultural values mean that we can strengthen our offerings to our clients.”

Lorraine Jeckells, Managing Partners of Free Partners, said: “We aim to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships, where we can help each other to grow and better serve both new and existing clients. 

“Reflect Digital’s specialist SEO and neuro-marketing skills will elevate the suite of products that we can provide to our client and prospects.

“We exclusively work with like-minded agencies who are at the top of their field. 




Paul oversees the business operations, strategy and culture at Reflect Digital. Every day he sets out to create an environment where every individual feels valued, respected and empowered to achieve great things for our clients.

Ultimately he works to keep Reflect Digital the tremendous place to work it’s known for; somewhere the best and brightest can develop personally and professionally.

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