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I want a digital partner that understands my business

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Building trust

Working with a digital partner that you can trust is essential for fuelling business growth. We have heard more times than we would like to admit that businesses have been let down by a partner. We believe the part that many agencies get wrong is not properly understanding their client. 

Delivering tangible impact

Our mission with every client we work with is to deliver tangible impact. What that impact is, is tailored to each client as we ensure we are working towards your organisation goals. If we do not have insight into what your business is trying to achieve, how can we understand your business? 


We start with why

Before we even start to look at a strategy we have a lot of questions for our potential client’s. We want to know why does your business exist? What makes you special? Why are you better than your competitors? What are you trying to achieve in the next financial year and the next 5 years? What part do the website and other technologies play in your business strategy? And many more. 

Without understanding these types of questions, we would be foolish to just start trying to suggest a strategy to you, as our strategy must be in place to compliment and help achieve your organisation goals. 


What next? Audit

Once we have a full picture of your business, what you do, why you do it and what your goals are we can start to audit your current marketing position. We will want to look at statistics from analytics and any other tracking you have, we will audit the website visually and from a functionality point of view. We will ask to know about other marketing you are doing, campaigns, events, paid search, email, the list goes on…

By understanding what has happened before we can get a picture of the impact this activity has had and how the current website is converting. Without this insight, we are working blind unnecessarily to suggest where the strategy should be heading.


Strategy presentation

With all the information we will have gathered we are then in a really strong position to suggest what your digital strategy should be moving forward. We would present our ideas and the rationale behind them aligning to your organisation goals. We are always working towards the Sweet Spot for our clients, trying to find that optimum point in the strategy where your brand, technology and marketing are working in harmony to deliver the best results possible. 

We would manage your expectations and discuss what success looks like and in what timeframes. Tangible impact needs to be the goal, so we must be talking about this early on to ensure we know how we can make this a reality for you.


Our understanding doesn't end there

We ensure we are spending time with your business as regularly as possible. Our account managers want to see your business evolve and want to ensure our strategy continues to stay relevant. We do this in many ways, be that spending time in your office, attending your events or chatting to different members of your team. It is our business to stay connected with your business, by doing this right we should continue to be the digital partner that understands your business.


Meet our digital strategy team

At Reflect Digital we have a team of friendly and fun individuals who are passionate about what they do. Want to know more about the people you could be working with? Meet our friendly experts below.

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