We’re all feeling the pinch. The gulp of dread when you pay for petrol, the panic when your electricity bill arrives and the surprise when shopping for your weekly groceries. 

It’s no secret that the cost of living is on the rise, and the fact that we’re feeling it so much in our personal lives means that your customers are experiencing it too. Burying your head in the sand is not going to fix anything. 

Instead, it’s time to emphasise with your audience and understand how they are feeling and what this looks like when it comes to your specific products or services. It is time to get a plan in place so you can get ahead of any budget cut suggestions with clear plans of how you are going to tackle marketing in a downturn. 

In this brunch and learn style webinar Reflect Digital’s CEO and Founder, Becky Simms, will take you through a model to categorise your audience, products and services. This model will then fuel your decision-making process to steer your marketing strategy for 2022/23. 

At the heart of every good strategy is customer empathy which can be supercharged with a slice of behavioural science, Becky will hand you the keys to look at your strategy with this news lens.


  • A framework to plot your customers and their likely behaviours in a downturn.
  • A framework to plot your products and/or services and where they fit in people’s priorities in a downturn.
  • A model to think about motivations and how to translate this into messaging.

This webinar will take the form of our brunch and learn style events which means you’ll also get a complimentary brunch box delivered to your door ahead of time (if you want), but hurry, there are only 30 spaces available.

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Hey i’m Becky

Reflect Digital was once nothing but a dream in Becky’s head. Becky is Reflect Digital’s CEO, having started Reflect Digital in 2011 she has grown the business to the strong agency team it is today.

Becky is a strategist at heart, and she shares her experience and knowledge with the Reflect Digital team and the business we work with. Full of creative ideas but with an eye always on ROI, Becky has a natural talent for spotting campaign opportunities and ensuring value is delivered.

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