Back by popular demand, our Ask the Experts panel explores questions submitted by YOU. We’ll also tackle the biggest challenges and opportunities facing those in marketing right now from the intricacies of AI and automation, integrating CRM, the cookieless world, agency vs in-house, the threat of SGE and changes to CWVs. 

Not to mention, those who opt for it will receive our infamous brunch box, jam-packed with goodies and breakfast for you to enjoy - delivered right to your doorstep.

Join us on the 5th of June to take part in the conversation and hear your questions answered! 



  • AI and automation in paid media 
  • 1st party data and tracking in a cookieless world 
  • Agency vs In-house - when to do both 
  • Changes in search behaviour - looking beyond just Google 
  • AI tools to make video content easier 
  • The threat of Search Generative Experience (SGE) 
  • Changes to Core Web Vitals (CWVs) 
  • Using ChatGPT for tone of voice 
  • Understanding the value of an agency versus in-house
  • The value of Reactive PR
  • TikTok is still flying high in 2024


Our Panelists:

Joanna Earle - Head of Content & Digital PR

Joanna oversees the PR and Media activity for our clients, including link building and outreach strategies. She leverages her outstanding relationships with the movers and shakers at household name publications and websites to ensure our clients receive the best coverage and most powerful backlinks. She’s also an expert copywriter and offers reactive PR and media monitoring.

Gary Gumbleton - Creative Director

Gary oversees all video, photo and audio that RD create for their clients. Gary has been a creative director for 10 years and prior to that he spent 12 years in large global sales. Each year as a Creative Director he created in excess of 1000 vids in varying formats. With the likes of content for Pepsi, Mercedes, LinkedIn and Redbull under his belt, he is one of the thought leaders in the content creation industry.

Dr Lottie Namakando Namakando - Head of Paid

Lottie oversees the paid media team, and manages the paid media advertising across PPC, paid social and programmatic advertising, as well as a focus on the overall digital user journey, from an audience-first approach. With a background in earth and planetary research, she loves a doughnut chart and a data table, really digging into the data to understand the results and opportunities.

Andy Mollison - Head of SEO

Andy drives high-quality, high-converting organic traffic to a wide range of businesses, from local companies to global brands. A strategic search marketer, Andy’s expertise lies predominantly in ecommerce websites and technical SEO, and is particularly adept at finding opportunities to provide quick wins and long-term return on investment.


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