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Andy Mollison

About Andy

How did you get into what you do?

Back when the internet was just starting to creep into our daily lives, I was aged 14 and fascinated with how it all worked. Cue learning how to build my own website, and then cue learning how to get other people to find my own website!

From there, I’ve now spent the best part of two decades building, developing and marketing websites, from little projects to much larger ones.

Why are you passionate about what you do?

The ability these days to so easily monitor the success of your website, makes it great for someone who is super-competitive. The competitive side of me always wants to see things improve, and makes me want to get things done right.

What's been your career highlight to date?

Seeing a client’s business start from zero, to now being a multi-million pound turnover company. Very impressive, and nice to still be working with the same client to this day.

Andy's Likes & Dislikes

I’m a motorsport competitor and enthusiast, and the best way to be a part of the action is to get out there and compete! I love the competitive aspect of the sport, but maybe not so much the financial side! I have raced all sorts of machinery, all across the world, with the highlight probably being racing a Porsche 996 GT3 RS on the historic banking of Daytona International in Florida.

I love to watch football and support Crystal Palace. It’s the team our family supports, and even had a family member play for the first team, albeit rather briefly! Currently enjoying our ride in the Premiership, for however long that may last..!

I also strangely created my own business a few years ago, selling jellyfish as pets (no, really, Google it!). This sparked from spotting an opportunity with a product on Kickstarter and has been a really exciting project to be involved in. A really unique product, which is seriously fun to market too.

Moving onto things I don’t like… Vegetables are probably top of the list. Always being force fed these, apparently they are good for you? Who knew.

Running! Such a super boring activity. At least stick a pair of wheels on it and turn it into cycling!

For someone who’s able to take high g-forces on a race circuit for lap after lap, it doesn’t really make sense that I’m totally useless on rollercoasters. Within thirty seconds of being hurtled upside down and side to side on a rollercoaster, my lunch will start to want to make an appearance. No thanks!

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