How to grant access to Google Tag Manager

1.Navigate to the Google Tag Manager website at: and log in.

2. Select the container you wish to give permissions to

3. At the top of the screen, click on “Admin”

You can add users at the “Account” level so they can see all containers under that account, or at the “Container” level, so they can only see that specific container.

4. Choose which level you wish to add a user to and click “User Management”

5. Click the “New” button

6. Enter the email of the user wish to give permission to.

7. Choose the level of access they have under the “Container Permissions” drop-down

  • Read – Users can only see what is in the container

  • Edit – Users can add and modify tags within the container

  • Approve – The user has rights to create versions, workspace and make edits, but not publish a container

  • Publish – Users have full rights to the container and can do all of the above and publish a container.

If you are adding a user to the “Account” level, you will also be able to control which containers they have access to

8. Click on “Add” user. They will then receive an email with a link asking them to accept the permissions they have been given.


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