Identifying your IP address is a quick and easy task, no matter where you’re doing it or what device you’re doing it from.

You can identify your IP address in three quick steps:

  • Go to Google.
  • Type “What is my IP?” into the search bar.
  • See your public IP address at the top of the search results!

What does my IP address mean?

The combination of numbers and letters that make up an IP address is a digital signature. It’s the general location of where your device is when it’s connected to the internet. Although, if someone has your IP address you don’t need to worry about them finding your home address or precise location, it just reveals the general vicinity of your whereabouts (e.g. the nearest town to you). If you want to keep your location more protected, installing a VPN is something you can do. However, VPNs are usually only necessary when using a public network like a cafe’s WiFi.

The short video below provides a visual representation of the above steps for how to identify an IP address.


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