Looking to create that perfect Mailchimp template?

Your designer has created a stunning email marketing design visual, you’ve got the thumbs up from the client, you’re now building the email design in Mailchimp and realise it can’t be perfectly replicated... sound familiar? You then wonder “If only there was Mailchimp Photoshop Template Download”

Well, wonder no more.

We all know Mailchimp has it's design limitations, whether it’s fonts or layout issues. So, we thought it would be really handy to have a Mailchimp PSD template download, allowing your marketing emails to be perfectly designed and Mailchimp ready every time! 

The template features margin guides, editable layers so you can customise background colours, font styles and add in text and image content. 

To download our Mailchimp Photoshop Template, simply fill out the form. 

Gone are the days of having imperfect email designs.

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