Many of you may have been in this position before. Your relationship with your SEO company started out so well, but you’re increasingly growing dissatisfied. Maybe you are sensing a bit of complacency or perhaps you just feel that something isn’t quite right. We’ve put together some telltale signs that show maybe it's time to move on...

1. They don’t call you as much anymore

In the beginning, everything was great. They would call you every month, or maybe twice, just to check up on you and keep in the loop. But slowly you noticed a change in their behaviour. Calls became scarcer and you found yourself drifting apart. A good digital agency will keep in contact with you.

2. They take a long time to reply to your emails, or stop replying altogether

At first, they would slide into your inbox regularly and conversations were flowing. You thought you met an agency that finally responds to your message in good time with no excuses. Alas, it was too good to be true. You’re still waiting for a reply a whole 2 days later and wondering whether to send that desperate ‘double email.’

We all get tied up from time to time, but a quick holding email can go a long way in giving our clients the piece of mind that the message has been received.

3. They don’t really listen when you talk

They hear you, but they don’t listen. They’re dodging questions or worse, only telling you what you want to hear to shut you up. Selective hearing is bound to lead to fatal mistake or oversight, which can only end in a hostile break up. 

A good agency will take the time to understand what you really mean and how they can respond accordingly to give you what you need. 

4. They never remember things you tell them

You’ve told them the same thing 1,024 times but it never seems to stick and your starting to think you’re talking to a brick wall. Sound familiar?

A good agency keeps notes of your conversation and minutes of your meetings to makes sure the rest of the team are aware of what has been discussed.

5. They never make time with you a priority

Another meeting. A night out with ‘the team.’ They seem to be ‘sick’ every time you’re due to meet or they ‘cant come because Google has released another algorithm update. ‘ If it sounds like they’re trying their best to avoid you, they probably are.

A good agency will at least try to see you every month (or every other month) to have a face-to-face conversation about the results, goals and aspirations and show you that they are making the effort.

6. Their goals don’t align with yours

…or even worse: they don’t know what your goals are. Are they interested in your bottom line or have they asked you what you hope to achieve in the next year?

An agency worth their salt will always align any activity with your business goals, whether that is increasing leads for a particular area of your business, or increasing sales revenue.

7. They never say ‘I’m sorry’

Things sometimes go wrong and there are no straightforward relationships. Is your agency always reluctant to admit fault or see saying sorry as a sign of weakness?

Although an agency should always try their best to avoid mistakes, they do happen. It’s how the agency responds that counts. Do they try to make it up to you? Do they resolve the issue as quickly as possible after discovery? If so, they’re a keeper.

8. They’re not curious about your life

Since you last spoke, your company has rebranded, you’ve gotten married, you have a brand new tattoo or just landed a huge new contract…but they don’t even notice. If this sounds like you, it looks like your agency has taken their eye off the ball. A good agency should always be curious and want to stay in the loop.

9. They never contact you first

The only time you hear from them is if you contact them first. They’re expecting you to chase and do the work to keep the pressure up. A good SEO agency will make proactive suggestions in how your site and business can be improved without even asking. They should also be the first to keep you posted on any outstanding projects and work. 

10. They don’t go the extra mile

If they really loved you, they wouldn’t just do the bare minimum...they would go the extra mile.

If any of the above sounds familiar or has been playing on your mind for a while, it may be time to cut your losses. For more counselling, get in contact with our SEO team/ relationship advisors today!


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