It's been a year since implementing a four-day week at Reflect Digital and it's been a great success! Our team share the awesome benefits in the update below.

Productivity and wellbeing have both improved at the Kent-based digital marketing agency Reflect Digital a year after introducing a four-day work week.

A year on from introducing a four-day-work-week, figures show productivity and staff wellbeing have both improved at the Kent-based digital marketing agency, Reflect Digital. 

CEO Becky Simms implemented the move in October 2018 in a bid to improve work-life balance stating, at the time, “it’s the right thing to do”.

Figures measured by Office Vibes show that staff wellness and productivity has increased by 20% over the last year while job satisfaction is up 90%.

In April the agency, which consists of a team of 25, recorded their best year ever with revenue up 25% on the previous 12 months.

It comes as the appetite for more companies to introduce a four-day-work-week grows rapidly. Last week the Labour party promised to implement a 35-hour working week if they were to form a government at their annual party conference in Brighton.

You can watch what the staff think about the four-day work week here.

Becky Simms, who founded Reflect Digital eight years ago, said:

“The results are just amazing.

“With mental health being so high on the agenda for many businesses across the UK it’s great to see that staff wellbeing has improved. 

“Our team are happier and a lot more motivated. 

“We have also recorded our most successful 12 months since launching the four-day work week and I do believe there is a link between the two. 

“We are all more productive with our days and the creative output has been fantastic, working with bigger brands than ever before.

“We have also won business off the back of our culture, businesses like to work with businesses that inspire them and that have shared values around work/life balance.

Picture: Reflect Digital staff

“Clients get greater exposure to a wider team too which offers additional insight, opinions and security to not be reliant on a single point of contact. 

“We have seen a real benefit of this in action for clients, but also for the team to be better at sharing and being more collaborative on projects.

“We measure our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) score using Office Vibes which has gone up 90 % from before we launched to now.

“We believe this has had a positive impact on our clients too as happier, more motivated staff produce better results.”

Over the last six months, four members of the team have also carried out a mental health first aider course, with the aim to encourage people to talk openly about their mental wellbeing if they want to.

Last month, Reflect Digital announced it has been acquired by the London-based independent digital agency LAB, and is now part of the ‘LAB Group’.

Both agencies adopted a four-day working week for all staff in 2018.

Picture: Becky Simms, CEO at Reflect Digital


How does a four-day week work?

  • Reflect Digital is open five days a week.
  • Staff take either a Monday or Friday off so they get a three day weekend.
  • There is cover every day of the week across every team, our team members divide their days off accordingly to ensure customer service is still our number one priority.
  • Staff are paid the same salary.
  • Lunch hours remain the same.

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