Google's latest core update, announced on March 5th, 2024, marks a significant shift in its approach towards improving the quality of search results. This update aims to prioritise content that genuinely serves users' needs over clickbait material. While the full rollout of the update may take up to a month, it introduces noteworthy changes that could reshape the digital landscape.

According to Google's official blog, the core update is designed to enhance the search experience by reducing the prominence of content primarily created for clicks and elevating genuinely useful information. 

Elizabeth Tucker, Google's Director of Product and search, emphasised the update's aim to decrease unhelpful content by up to 40%.

Key Changes in the March 2024 Update

The March 2024 core update brings forth a series of alterations to Google's core algorithms, fundamentally impacting how pages are ranked in search results.

Chris Nelson, a member of Google's Search Quality team, explained that this update is more intricate than previous iterations, involving modifications across multiple core systems. Notably, it signifies a shift in how Google evaluates the helpfulness of content. Unlike before, there's no longer a singular signal or system for identifying valuable results.
The update introduces stricter measures to combat spammy tactics, including:

  • Expired Domain Abuse: Preventing the manipulation of search results through the purchase of expired domains hosting low-value content.
  • Scaled Content Abuse: Cracking down on the creation of numerous pages solely aimed at manipulating search rankings rather than aiding users.
  • Site Reputation Abuse: Addressing the publication of third-party pages lacking oversight, such as sponsored content lacking genuine value.


Reflect Digital’s Perspective

At Reflect Digital we’re excited to see Google making more strives towards human-first search! As part of the human-first collective and specialists in behavioural science we are huge advocates for aligning strategies with the needs and behaviours of users. 

In both SEO and Content Creation our approach revolves around understanding user journeys and creating content that genuinely engages and informs. We believe those organisations who produce content for users will benefit greatly long-term and we’re glad to see Google supporting this viewpoint. 

If you’re worried about fluctuations in search, please get in touch with us - we’d happily discuss the update further with you so that you can plan accordingly. 

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