So this week I have been explaining how to come up with great ideas, how to make sure they are memorable and how to outreach them. I am now going to share with you some of the awesome campaigns I have seen over the last few years that demonstrate these theories in action!

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza – Doing something real

So this as a campaign is a real life example of how content can happen without creating anything online initially. This is all based around a ‘pay it forward’ idea.  When someone buys a pizza from Rosa’s they can donate $1 and place a post-it note on the wall, in doing so a homeless person is then welcome to take a post-it and use it to pay for a slice of pizza. In doing this the pizza shop generated content all across the Internet and as far reaching as being featured and interviewed by Ellen Degeneres.

So let’s test this against our 6 principles from yesterday for outreaching ideas and content:

  • SIMPLE – yes, I believe this is simple and really effective – giving people a way to donate to homeless people in a way that they are in control, they know $1 will be one slice of pizza.

  • UNEXPECTED – yes, I don’t think people expect to see this kind of activity when buying a take-away, hence the coverage it got.

  • CONCRETE – yes, it is real.

  • CREDIBLE – yes, people can see homeless people collecting the pizzas.

  • EMOTIONAL – yes, it is a really powerful story of a local shop doing something to help the homeless.

  • STORIES – yes, it makes a great story itself, one that people want to talk about.

Tiger Sheds – Doing something different

Inspired by the Walking Dead – take note, if you can be inspired by something popular on TV, this can really help with a campaign to have a clear audience for the content. In many aspects this campaign was simple, Tiger Sheds added a page to their ecommerce website selling a Zombie Fortification Cabin. Now there was a lot of thought no doubt that went into this and planning to come up with the specifications, CGI’s, pricing and extras. Once that was done though – through the right outreach strategy – this went huge online. It was good timing, great content and the right strategy that delivered links from sites such as Daily Mail, Mirror, local press sites, zombie enthusiast sites, shed sites – the list goes on!

  • SIMPLE – yes, it is a very simple concept – you can now buy a zombie proof shed!

  • UNEXPECTED – yes, who would have thought it?!

  • CONCRETE – yes, you can actually buy it if you wish, plus add exciting extras such as CCTV!

  • CREDIBLE – yes ish – there are no zombies, so it has not gone through real life testing, but there is good reasoning on the page as to how they have made it zombie proof and they offer a 10 year guarantee!!

  • EMOTIONAL – yes, this kind of emotion gets at the geekiness in the Walking Dead / Zombie fans, they love the thought that has gone into it!

  • STORIES – yes, they tell the story behind the design!

Cruise Deals – Great comparison

Inspired by many news stories about how living in London is so expensive, researched how much on average it costs to live in London versus a cruise ship and the results worked perfectly in their favour! It is in fact more expensive to live in London than it is to live on a Cruise Ship – this well researched revelation was a hit across the internet a generated a huge amount of conversation and links back to the Cruise Deals website. Links came from sites such as the Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Lonely Planet – the list goes on!

  • SIMPLE – yes, this is a really simple comparison – once the hard work of getting the costs together was done.

  • UNEXPECTED – yes and no – I guess people would be on the fence about which was cheaper, but the result may be surprising to some or just re-affirm what others thought but had no proof of!

  • CONCRETE – yes, this is true and retired people are sometimes taking the choice to sell-up and move to a cruise ship!

  • CREDIBLE – yes, the research was done.

  • EMOTIONAL – yes, as it will have touched onto the emotions of so many people living in London and paying so much for the privilege. Whether this emotion is good or not is hard to say, as some will have just felt further annoyed by the expense of London!

  • STORIES – yes, it tells a story and can be followed up by stories of people actually doing so.

Egress Software Technologies – Great use of data

So this is a campaign we worked on with one of our own clients, Egress, who are a data security company. This content creation involved completing an ICO Freedom of Information request in order to obtain unique information about data breaches including the causes, increases in different sectors and fines received. The data from the ICO FOI was turned into a report and infographic, which had fantastic coverage across multiple high authority technology websites and blogs including Wired, Computer Weekly and NICCS to name a few.

  • SIMPLE – yes, gaining unique data through the ICO is very simple to do and what could be seen as complex data was presented in a simple format.

  • UNEXPECTED – up for debate – the report concluded that 93% of data breaches were caused by human error, who would have thought humans were to blame, not technology.

  • CONCRETE – yes, this created real unique data that presented facts in an interesting way!

  • CREDIBLE – yes, this helped Egress become thought leaders and show their expertise by getting credible government data on an important topic before anyone in their market had done.

  • EMOTIONAL – for the intended audience yes, perhaps not you reading this article. From audience profiling the content was aimed at people who would be in charge of data breaches so to find out the cause, increases and fines involved for mistakes would certainly evoke some emotion!

  • STORIES – yes, it tells a story that actually supports Egress’ product messaging without being “sales-y” and also allows for follow up stories in following months and years on how data breaches are changing.


I do hope this series of articles has helped inspire you in some way to start thinking more creatively about your content!

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