A multi-channel strategy to reconnect with subscribers



Founded in 1956, New Scientist Magazine reaches over 3 million people, covering current developments and news on science and technology.

The objective was to create a multi-channel strategy to connect with subscribers and encourage them to resubscribe.

Working closely with the subject material, the final result was an appropriately branded, effective web and print solution that was not only aesthetically appealing but also personal and engaging. The campaign exceeded targets and achieved a 20% renewal rate.


How we nailed it


Subscription renewal emails were a critical step in the customer retention and relationship process. These emails were carefully designed to resonate with the audience, inviting them to continue their relationship with New Scientist.

Emails needed to speak to each member and make them feel they have a personal connection to and are an integral part of New Scientist.

It was a powerful message that reminded and reinforced the value New Scientist brings to their personal and/or professional life.

Retargeting Website Banners

To support this campaign, New Scientist rolled out some retargeting web banners for existing users to renew their subscriptions. The banners were kept consistent with the print design with a nice, bold and clear call to action, which really stood out to the user.


Having the correct tracking in place was vital to understanding the success and failure of any marketing activity for this campaign. As this was a new marketing activity for New Scientist we needed to ensure we understood exactly the impact of each channel.

The way we have built the campaign allowed us to react immediately if a channel was outperforming another. We set up split tests to run on the landing page to see which approach and message gained the most response.


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