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Wayne Oliver

About Wayne

Yo! I’m Wayne and I am head of design at Reflect Digital. Art & Design has always been a passion of mine and I followed it through early life and school, before finally achieving a 1st in my Graphic Design Degree. Following this achievement, I worked as a Visual Designer for a web agency for 5 years working closely with many different clients to deliver an outstanding level of design work. I started working with Reflect Digital from day 1 and since then have never looked back. From 10 years in the web design industry I have built a solid knowledge of website usability and designing with SEO in mind and also possess a strong knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Wayne's Likes & Dislikes

Football is a huge passion of mine and I follow Manchester United. I'm not an armchair supporter though and do venture to Old Trafford as much as possible! I really enjoy running too so can often be seen dashing across fields and the country lanes of the village I live in. Friends and family are really important to me so socialising over a few drinks as soon as the weekend arrives is a big part of what I'm about.

My dislikes include ANY cheese (this is more of a passionate hatred really), disorganisation (serious OCD about certain things) and that uncomfortable feeling when witnessing a rehearsed dance routine at a wedding or party (I honestly have to leave the room…)

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