This October we were runners-up at the Wirehive100 awards for the 'Best Performance Marketing Campaign' for our PPC campaign with client ID&C Wristbands. Although we didn't leave with a trophy on this occasion, we were so pleased to have been finalists in such a competitive category.

About the campaign...

If you have been lucky enough to bag yourself tickets to the Glastonbury Festival over the last few years, chances are, you would have worn one of ID&Cs wristbands!  As one of the world’s leading providers of custom wristbands, they serve both the B2B & B2C sectors, from organisers of festivals to the general public. So it’s fair to say, they mean business when it comes to marketing!

Unfortunately, their previous agency had let them down with regards to PPC and failed to generate the envisaged ROI. However, their PPC faith was restored following a 3-month period in which we turned their account around in a bid to prove that this channel does work when managed properly.

About the results...

ID&C’s previous Adwords account was not conducive to data analysis and made reacting to market movements very difficult. Never wanting to turn down a challenge, we made it our mission to deliver an effective PPC campaign, starting with restructuring the account from the ground up.

All relevant data was made easily accessible and was used to their advantage for optimisation.  Amongst many other changes, adjusting the messaging and ad aesthetics took their click-through rate through the roof.

Within 1 month of the new account going live in March 2016, we had beaten the best ever conversion and revenue results for the account and we have continued to increase ROI since.

This is not the only time we have been acknowledged for our work with this client, take a look at the ID&C case study to read more about the results we have generated for them.


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