Hero Conf is a conference solely dedicated to exploring all things PPC (Pay Per Click). There will be 44 speakers who will talk about the most up to date and cutting edge methods and trends in PPC. We are so excited for our very own CEO Becky Simms to take to the stage!

Becky will be sharing her expertise around behavioural economics in PPC strategy in her talk 'is behavioural economics your new PPC superpower?'


Becky will give a first-hand account of how you can use proven theories to take PPC performance to the next level.

If you are already doing a great job running and optimising awesome accounts, find out how employing psychology and ‘nudges’ can accelerate performance dramatically. 

Becky will also cover the user journey after the click, so that you can gain a new perspective to direct attention and increase ROI.

Those in attendance can expect to learn:

  • An understanding of nudge theory and behavioural economics in the context of paid search

  • A model you can use to instantly increase ROI from your ads

  • Clear case studies demonstrating the theories in action

What is Hero Conf?

Hero Conf is a two-day conference focusing on PPC and current developments in digital marketing. 

Industry leaders gather to share their insights and expertise with the attendees, with the content separated into four different tracks and therefore tailored to those watching. 

The event will take place at etc. venues, St. Pauls on 21st and 22nd October 2019.

You can find out more information about the event here.

Click here to book your tickets now and use the discount code below for 20% off! 


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