Harry Simms | Reflect Digital Official Team Motivator & Office Dog

Harry Simms

About Harry

Hi, I’m Harry. I’ve been at Reflect Digital since April 2016 and have loved every minute of it! I am told, I am the luckiest dog in the world and to tell you the truth… I do feel it sometimes, I have so many friends that love me!

My favourite time of day is when I first arrive at the office, as I love getting to see everyone for the first time each day. Especially if it’s a Monday morning… everyone seems to moan about Mondays but for me - they are the absolute best - I get to see everyone again!

I love being at work, I spend most of my day sleeping on people’s laps, running around or stealing things from people’s bins - I do tend to get shouted at for this though!!

Harry's Likes & Dislikes

My likes and dislikes… well I am such a happy dog, I don’t have many dislikes - so this is a tough one! Let’s start with my likes; I love hot dogs!! This is my favourite treat and will always get me running back in the park! I also absolutely love cuddles, I have been called the cuddliest dog in the world - I am not sure if that’s true, as I haven’t met all the dogs - but I do love a cuddle! Probably my third like would be other dogs - I just love to meet other dogs when I am out and about, our office is above the Guide Dogs office so I often get to meet them!

So dislikes, well I am only little, so rainy/cold days are not good as I get really cold and wet and I don’t like it - these days are definitely days for staying in and cuddling! I also don’t like hairdryers, they scare me, I much prefer to towel dry after a bath! Finally, I am not a big fan of horses, they are so big and I am so little!!

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