Ian Stanley | Senior Developer at Reflect Digital

Ian Stanley

About Ian

Hello, my name's Ian and I'm a webaholic. 


The internet has been running in my veins since 2000 when I was a wee nipper (well, 20). 

My love for computer games caused a lifelong interest in all things technical, and in fact, before the internet took hold of me I was primarily a graphic designer and went onto study IT before entering the workplace on a training scheme. 

Fast forward a few years later, and I’m now a senior developer at Reflect Digital.


My spare time is mostly spent with my wife and kids, and I have a passion for music.

Ian's Likes & Dislikes

Before I had kids, I spent a lot of my life drumming in (everyone would call it) a marching band. It is cool. I don't care who says otherwise.

Lots of people have called me a perfectionist in the past, but I don't know where this misconception came from. I am quite particular only about certain things, making sure my code works as expected, not leaving coffee grains in the sugar pot and despite enjoying a fry up, I can't stand black pudding. Oh, and internet slang, "pwned" is just a common typo of "owned", stop trying to pass it off as a word gamers, what's next, "[wned"? English, Wnglish!!

I'm also quite partial to an ironic joke.

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