Sylvain Lourgouilloux - Client Experience Director at Reflect Digital

Sylvain Lourgouilloux

About Sylvain


I'm Sylvain, one of the Account Directors here at Reflect Digital. French on my passport but English in my heart (innit), I have been in the web business for over eight years.

Ecommerce is a passion. I just love understanding and analysing new types of businesses and helping websites to get to their full potential. Having worked with companies such as Samsung, Google and Rovio, has taught me to achieve goals set at a very high standard.

Sylvain's Likes & Dislikes

I love sports in general. Gunners and PSG all the way! I play Basketball as my main sport, but I also play tennis and ping pong to a top level (well I think so)

L'Olympique de Marseille.
Being hungry! I get very stroppy.... sorry.

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