We've made it to December. This is the one time of year SEO’s all over the world get to confidently use the phrase ‘seasonal decline’ when they see traffic drop in Google Analytics …unless your client sells Christmas trees of course.

To celebrate the season we’ve put together 9 Christmas moments illustrated by SEO/development inspired Christmas jumpers to get you in the mood for the big day, enlisting some SEO legends to help us out.

You're definitely an SEO if these jumpers make you groan but you're a true SE-Pro if you can guess the names of each search celebrity featured.

1. Christmas Songs...all of them.

It’s the same every year. Office Christmas songs begin at 9am on the 1st of December, with the same 10 songs repeating unrelentingly until the 24th. Just how we like it.

SEO christmas jumper

2. Getting ‘down the local’

So you’ve told your mates that you’re having a quiet one this Christmas eve . They’ve managed to drag you out 'for a quick one' because “everybody is out tonight.” Next thing you know you’re stumbling home at 3am awaiting the dreaded Christmas day hangover. Same time next year?

SEO christmas jumper

3. The Office Christmas party

Surely the office Christmas party is the work event of the year. Bad jokes, spilt drinks and the inevitable use of the phrase “there’s always one” … and that's before you’ve even left the office to get to the meal...

christmas jumper SEO

4. A year’s supply of Shower Gel…

Okay admittedly, this Jumper will have our American readers stumped. Lynx is the UK version of Axe. This year, my 12-year-old nephew will recieve his first Lynx Africa set...this year he becomes a man. 

christmas jumper SEO

5. That strange family member...

It’s time for that yearly catch up with that elusive uncle who is constantly repeating himself and talking in riddles...

6. Trying to outwit your children… and failing miserably…

Every year! If you don’t have to lockdown your shed with reinforced steel or hire off-site storage space just to hide the presents from kids, are you even Christmasing?

7. The unexpected Gift…that you secretly already knew about

Why should the kids have all the fun? You’ve tracked down your husbands/wife’s present hiding place and all is revealed. It’s been a whole year since you’ve had to do that false ‘oh-I-wasn’t-expecting-that’ look... better get practising.

8. Terrible Christmas Films

…Home Alone, Jingle all the way, Love Actually, Elf - the Christmas film line up never fails to disappoint…until you get the same text message from 10 different people on Christmas day: Merry Christmas ya filthy animal! *Sigh*

9. Dogs...they're not just for Christmas

Wrapping paper, empty boxes, new people, presents, long walk - there’s no better time to be a dog than at Christmas. Okay, you'll need a clue for this one.

That’s all for this year guys...

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