Find 50 Football Quiz - Is this the hardest football quiz in the world?


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Brilliant and infuriating. The “Mario Balotelli” of football quizzes.


I attempted the Find 50 quiz myself but my brain imploded before I reached 35.


Addicted! Made it to 45/50, still trying to complete it! Great for geography/general knowledge fans too!


Exciting, infuriating and highly entertaining - just like 'the beautiful game' itself!


The rest of my day is now going to be a whole lot less productive!


1 United States 3.97%
2 United Kingdom 3.53%
3 Germany 3.16%
4 South Africa 3.13%
5 Ireland 3.05%
6 Spain 2.53%
7 Portugal 2.50%
8 Norway 2.02%
9 France 1.90%
10 Netherlands 1.75%
11 Bulgaria 1.67%
12 Romania 1.54%
13 Canada 1.45%
14 Australia 1.45%
15 Sweden 1.36%
16 New Zealand 0.84%
17 Belgium 0.82%
18 Serbia 0.73%
19 India 0.32%
20 Denmark 0.29%

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Welcome to Find 50 Football clubs - a football quiz that separates the die-hard fans from the armchair supporters. As a brand new season rolls around, there will be drama, tears, memes, trolling and victories galore but why should the teams have all the glory? Now is your chance to place yourself in the hall of fame and be a legend in the footballing world...

Disclaimer: The football quiz contained on this site may cause feelings of incredible euphoria, rage and mild confusion. You may experience excessive usage of the phrase “ohhhh I’ve got it”’ as well as “I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee FC is a team.”

Reflect Digital is not responsible for any torn out hair, loss of sleep or any aforementioned symptoms. By playing this game you are agreeing to the right to be subjected to scathing Whatsapp banter at the hands of your peers on the group chat should you not find as many teams. Should you find yourself becoming addicted to the quiz, we strongly advise following Find50 on Facebook and keeping an eye out for our next quiz to get your next fix.

With that out of the way, here’s how to play…

How to Play

Note: Find50 Football Clubs is coming soon. Sign up using the form above and we'll send you an email when its live. 

  • Step 1 - Click ‘Play Now’ to access the football quiz
  • Step 2 - Take a look at the image and rack your brains for any team.
  • Step 3 - Click on the image when you think you’re onto something. Type in you guess in the box provided
  • Step 4 - Hit submit and…
  • Step 5 - …Cry with rage or shout with joy (subject to step 4’s result).

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to save your progress so you don’t lose all your hard graft!

It’s not just for football fans…

No good at football quizzes? No problem. You’ll find that if you’re good at geography, you’ll score high on this quiz.  The vast majority of answers are actually just names of towns and cities so try give it a try - you might actually put the self acclaimed football nerds out there to shame.

Stuck? Read our Handy Tips…

  1. If you’re really struggling, give us a shout on our Facebook group or twitter page and we’ll help you out with a clue. Yes a clue, not the answer! That’ll be too easy…
  2. Remember, try not to share too many of your answers. When asking us for help, screenshot the dots of corrects scores and not the list! Be a good keeper and make others work for the victory.
  3. There may be multiple answers surrounding one object so make sure you investigate the available areas as thoroughly as possible.
  4. Alternatively, give the guys or girls a shout on your Whatsapp group. 15 heads are better than one.
  5. Don’t forget to save your progress by creating an account. This means you can play your quiz at home or away.
  6. To make things really interesting, this football quiz also contains European clubs so if you’re stuck - think Europe.
  7. Expect answers to pop into your head whilst doing the strangest tasks. Washing up, cutting the grass, picking up the kids from school. If an answer suddenly comes to you whilst you’re in the office - remember, people will think you’re crazy and may call the white coats in if you start shouting “Karl Pilkington!” at the top of your lungs for no apparent reason.

Frequent Asked Questions:

What’s the answer to the Bruce Lee one?

…Nice Try ;)

Get Stuck in!

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