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Gamification Marketing

Gamification can supercharge your marketing strategy by engaging users with your brand as part of a game to drive your marketing goals. Our recent Find50 Clubs quiz achieved over 86,000 visits in just 5 weeks.

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What could Gamification do for your business?

There are many goals that can be achieved through gamification, ranging from increasing brand awareness, data collection, PR, social activity, sales and visits be those online or to drive individuals in store. Games can be tailored to your specific requirements, our game makers are specialist at understanding what you are looking to achieve and working that back into a game.

Depending on strategy the game may be more focused on a wider reach and less qualified (to your business needs) game players being involved or you may choose to have the game topic hyper relevant to your niche and therefore this may reach a smaller, but more relevant, catchment of users.

Social and website engagement

By hosting a game as part of your website you are driving traffic to engage with your site, depending on how relevant you deem the game related traffic to be you can use remarketing tags as part of the campaign to drive the user to your next intended action. By having a well thought out social strategy to accompany the game, be that driving users to ask for assistance where required or giving game points for social sharing etc. it can be a great benefit to your social following and engagement. 

GDPR Compliant Data Capture

With GDPR coming into force in May 2018, ensuring your data is GDPR compliant is absolutely key. Depending on the style of game and relevance of the likely game players, data capture could be one of the main focuses for your game. The game could include a login feature, a competition or the ability to have the player’s score included in a league table which invites users to share their details, at this point the relevant data protection questions can be used.

Driving PR and Links for SEO

By having a really appealing game it is likely websites will be keen to write about it and to share it. As part of your gamification strategy we would plan the relevant outreach activity depending on the target users, target publications and what we deem relevant to the overall strategy and goals. From our Find 50 case study you can see how we were able to gain some really high quality links that have had a positive improvement on rankings.

Using gamification in the work place to drive performance

Gamification does not need to be limited to your marketing strategy, it is a great tool to use with your business to help drive results. This could be a competitive game for sales people or as part of an e-learning programme to ensure your team understand your products and services fully.

There are so many different ways gaming can be integrated into your marketing strategy with really clear goals to help you achieve the desired marketing results. Get in contact with us today to find out how our game makers can see gamification working for your strategy and goals!

  • Increase Social following

  • Data Capture

  • PR Coverage & Links

  • Longevity

  • Traffic & Sales

  • Social & Website engagement

Our Approach to Gamification

Marketing Plan
Reflect Pen
Pink Donut
Jelly Beans
Choc Donut
Pink Donut
Mag Glass
Marketing Plan
Reflect Pen
Gummy Bear
Jelly Coke
Gummy Bear
Yellow Jelly Bean
Red Jelly Bean
Red Jelly Bean
Yellow Jelly Bean
Jelly Coke
Yellow Jelly Bean
Jelly Coke
Jelly Coke

Discovery & Goal Setting

Gamification can be used in many different ways to drive different marketing outcomes. Our first step is to look at your specific market place, understand what we think would work and what goals we would aim to achieve through the project.

Project Planning

At this point, we would fully scope the project, from the functionality of the game through to how would we launch this with the agreed goals in mind. The project plan will include the design and build phases, but we will also be considering other marketing techniques that may need to be built in such as automated emails, the social and outreach plan etc.

Let the fun start - Creative Design

The design of the game is the exciting part as now we get to see our ideas coming to life through our awesome design team. The game needs to be engaging and needs to make users want to continue on and depending on your goals part with their data or go on further to interact with your brand.


Once the designs are signed off the game needs to go into technical build. At scoping stage we would have discussed the key devices and browsers relevant to what you want to achieve, so we will be working through the build and testing to ensure the delivered game meets the requirements.

The fun really begins - Launch & Analysis

The launch campaign may be a series of teasers to build up excitement or a full-blown launch all on one day - whether it is through paid marketing, social media activity or agreed PR coverage, now is the time to start driving traffic to your game, following launch we would report on the results relating back to your goals.

Recent Find50 Clubs Gamification Stats

  • Visits

    86k sessions in 5 weeks

  • Social Visits

    20k+ visits from social

  • Data capture

    9.77% account sign ups

  • Countries

    Played in 159 countries

  • Engagement

    12 minutes Avg. time on site

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