Hannah Tree - Digital Marketing & Accounts Executive at Reflect Digital Contact

Hannah Tree

About Hannah

I’m Hannah! I’m a Digital Marketing and Accounts Executive here at Reflect Digital. Marketing is a relatively new world to me as I’m still in the process of studying Advertising and Marketing Comms at University. I’ve learnt a lot whilst at uni, personally and about the industry; I am keen to expand my knowledge and skills even further at Reflect Digital. I personally love how marketing is constantly evolving to adapt to our changing consumer culture and understanding what motivates and influences buyer behaviour’s. I’d like to think I’m organized individual, that pays attention to detail and is a bit OCD about work; much too some peoples annoyance.

Hannah's Likes & Dislikes


In terms of my likes, I’m pretty clothes obsessed and more importantly, Zara obsessed - it is definitely my ‘go to’ high street store. Secondly, I’m a massive dog lover. I have two cocker spaniels myself and of course they’re spoilt rotten - they even have their own dedicated sofa! Finally I love a holiday, Mykonos and Rome are probably my favourite destinations to date, but I can’t wait to tick Dubrovnik off my list!


Moving on to my dislikes… My greatest dislike is probably coriander, I’ll always be that awkward customer at any restaurant that asks ‘without the coriander please’. Wasps and the Kardashians, I’m definitely not a fan of, and feel they are equally as annoying as the other. 

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