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We provide email marketing services

Email Marketing offers a cost effective way that is trackable to stay in contact with your customers. It is quick to turnaround and a brilliant way to reach your customers immediately. The future of email marketing is the segmentation of data so that the messages you send are of the utmost relevance to the person that receives them.

Here at Reflect Digital we offer email consultation, we look to build a strategy for email marketing that suits your business, customers and the level of data you currently hold. We will advise on how to improve your data and then how to start segmenting and managing the data.

The future of email marketing is the synchronisation with social media. Users are expecting immediate, up to date content with the rise of social media, so email marketing has some lessons to learn. At Reflect Digital we strive to turnaround email campaigns within 24 hours, so your message can be in your customers inboxes as quickly as possible.

The rise of the internet has given brands a voice and that voice needs to have personality, and a consistent personality. The personal touch means everything to help stick in customers minds, it means a relationship between the user and the brand will have been created.

Reflect Digital offer expert email marketing planning and management. Please get in touch with us today if you want to find out more, you can call us on 01622 728800 or complete our contact form.