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Tracking and Reporting

Online marketing has opened up a whole world of tracking that marketeers never dreamt would be possible! Planning how to track your activity is so vitally important to any project or campaign as if it is an after thought it tends to then not deliver the reporting metrics required!

Measuring and refining for maximum ROI

We use Google Analytics for a lot of our tracking, but also work with many other software providers, especially for more niche activity. We will always be talking to clients about their goals and how we can track these, all of our websites are built with tracking at the heart of them.

For clients participating in marketing campaigns, on a monthly basis we produce reports on the activity completed. We also highlight areas that have been particularly successful and areas we are going to concentrate more on the following month. We encourage quarterly reviews where your Account Manager will discuss the progression of your account. It is very easy to be consumed in the day to day running of marketing your business it is important to take a step back now and again to review the direction of your marketing efforts. This is where Reflect Digital will help.

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