Danielle Ross-Davies | Prince2 Qualified Project Manager at Reflect Digital Contact

Danielle Ross-Davies

About Danielle

Hey! I’m Danielle, Project Manager here at Reflect Digital.

I have been working in Project Management for 7 years now, focusing specifically on digital projects for the past 6. I love working with my clients to find out exactly what their requirements are and enjoy investigating the best solutions for them. As a PM organisation is key and I would definitely like to say this is my strongest point, some may call it OCD…I have been known to say ‘I love a spreadsheet’ once or twice a day!

I completed my Prince Foundation qualification in 2010 whilst working at the local council and then moved into a digital agency project management role. During this time I embraced my passion for project management, not only completing my Prince2 Practitioner Qualification but also transitioning up to Senior Project Manager. When I joined Reflect Digital, I was extremely excited by the prospects it offered and thanks to the amazing team I felt right at home straight away! I am thrilled to be a part of their continuous success!

Danielle's Likes & Dislikes

About me….well…I wouldn’t say I was your typical girly girl, I couldn’t think of anything worse than an afternoon of shopping, I’ll take a pint down the pub any day! Although, I do have to admit… I am a sucker for anything remotely cute! Babies, puppies, kittens!! I am one of those annoying people who can’t help but talk in that ‘baby voice’! However, nothing quite floats my boat like a good spreadsheet....that’s the way to my heart!

What don’t I like….one very obvious option for anyone that knows me...i’m getting twitchy as I think about it....SAUCE...yes SAUCE i HATE. Those little packets everyone loves to get out for their bacon sandwich make me want scream…no exaggeration. Closely followed by feet (yes this includes cute baby feet which are not cute…sorry!) and no please and thank you's – manners do not cost a thing!

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